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Do any of you take medicine to deal with the stress of caregiving?

I take Buspar twice a day. It is non-addictive and really helps me.

I also have Alprazalom which is addictive, but I only take a half of one when I am really stressed out. It really works. I may take one or two a month.

I would recommend getting something to take the edge off.
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I take the lowest dose of Atavan 2 x/ far as being "addictive", I don't concern myself with that. In the past, I have had to take opioids for chronic pain and didn't become addicted to it. The Atavan is perfect for taking the edge off...I guess I'm just one of those people who would rather take something to make myself feel better and be able to manage my emotions than to not take something and be on the edge, ready to blow at any given moment...
I have been thinking about asking my DR for meds to control my stress. Lately, I have gotten to the point of running away. My anger and guilt has been growing and I fear I will just break down. But I also fear that I will grow dependent on these meds. My own mother took a lot of pills when I was growing up. She had migraines and her mental state was not always stable in her menopause years. I am going thru menopause now, but don't take anything for the symptoms. She tried to kill herself with pills, I don't know if that was the only time. I'm trying to get an appt with my DR and I also want to talk to a profesional about my own mental state. Sorry for going on so long.
Hi everyone

I too have to take something to continue to cope. I've been on Cilift (Citalpram) for a long time now. I attempted to go without it, and ended up having the same panic/anxiety attacks that I would get before, so now I take them regularly and see the doctor pretty regularly too. It really helps.


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