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Hi, all.

I got a notice from my mother's C+ provider that recent legislation might make it *illegal* for them to sell her coverage if she is on Medicaid. I called her Medicaid case worker, and he didn't know what I was talking about. The phone line to the C+ folks has been busy when I call...

Has anyone heard of this? Right now her regular MD and podiatrist at the nh file with Medicare (80%) and C+ (20%). She pays the C+ premiums and Medicaid adjusts her part of the nh bill to allow for that. If she goes to a hospital, her case worker says Medicaid will pay, but I thought that restarts her 100 days of Medicare paying for the nh with a C+ copay the first 20 days or so. Maybe I've got that wrong.

I'm not overstressed about this... yet. The billing manager at the nh said to just keep paying the C+ premiums and don't worry about it. I've got until Jan 1 to get it figured out.

Ideas? Advice?

As always, thanks for listening.

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