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Be a friend to someone who could benefit from clear, accurate Medicare information: share a link to Medicare Interactive, the free comprehensive Medicare guide featuring answers to hundreds of real Medicare questions.
Your friends will find useful information on topics such as:
When to enroll in Part B if you already have insurance
Programs that may help cover your Medicare costs
What to do if your drug is denied at the pharmacy
Changing your Medicare private health plan (Medicare Advantage)
Plus many more.
And be sure to invite your friends to join our Dear Marci e-mail list, so they can stay up to date on approaching deadlines and changes to Medicare.
Thanks for spreading the word about these free resources from the Medicare Rights Center. We know your friends will thank you too!
Best regards,

Scarlet Watts
Director of Marketing and Outreach
Medicare Rights Center
520 Eighth Avenue, North Wing, 3rd Floor
New York, NY 10018
Tel: 212-204-6285

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