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How does one go about obtaining durable medical equipment with Medicare? Do you have to have a Drs. prescription for each item? My Dad needs things like a shower chair, raised rails for the toilet, a bed rail to assist him in getting out of bed, and a wheelchair. If I was to purchase these things on-line and submit the bill to Medicare with a prescription will Medicare reimburse us for the 80%? Thanks in advance...this is all new to me and my research has not really given me the answer.
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Hi Jan also known as at the following link

They will do all the paper work for you for medicare/medicaid in obtaining the items you need. They are extremely reliable. With an approved doctors prescription, Medicare should cover approximately eighty percent* (80%) of the approved (dollar) allowable amount after the patients annual deductible has been met. professional medical aids will forward the appropriate forms to your doctors and help complete your medical claims form for Medicare.

We will gladly accept private insurances as your secondary insurance to cover the remaining twenty percent* (20%) as long as they are approved by Medicare and covered by the patience insurance carrier.

For more information, please email us or call one of our medical aids at: 1(800) 320-7140

Hope this helps you.

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I guess the states does things differently than Canada.
Just thought I'd add this in case anyone from Canada is also wondering how to get special needs equipment.
Here all you need to do is get a requisition slip from any doctor, therapist, etc, listing the equipment you need..You take it to the Abilities Council...and it is all given to you free of charge to use as long as needed.

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