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Hi Everyone:
I am researching again. My husband will be 65 next month and his Medicare or Medigap open enrollment period will be June to December. Faced with the opportunity to change insurance without dealing with pre-existing condition limitations, I am asking myself whether we should remain in the HMO or get a medicare and medigap policy. Hope some of you will tell me which you use and whether you have had good results with them. I know you can't decide for us but some personal input will the helpful. Our HMO has just lost a lot of the Doctors from which we could choose. Many of them were the Specialists. Of course, they may have contracted with others for next year and I just don't know it yet. Until that time, however, they had done a very good job of providing medical care. If you wish to talk about the companies by name, please send me an e-mail at I don't want anyone getting sued. LOL Also, if you have questions about mine that needs to be answered with the name, please send me your e-mail address.
Any information will be much appreciated.
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Hello Nina,

I haven't run into these problems as my father was a govt employer and his pension and health insurance cares for my mother. However, I have listed some important links and numbers that may assist you in your research to obtain the proper care and insurance for Louis.

Richest blessings

Some resources you may want to check out are:

Eldercare Locator 800-677-1116

Medicare Online - 1-800-638-6833

Medigap-800) 942-4242

Dept of Veteran Affairs

US Dept Of Health & Human Services at:

The United Seniors Health Cooperative

I think that you will be able to find the answers you need by viewing these sites and contacting them for feedback and support.

You can also call ARPP and their staff will tell you the differences and benefits as well.

I do wish I could offer you more direct answers but I do believe you will find a great deal of information and answers with these resources.

Please let us know how you are making out.

Richest blessings.

Luv 2 u and Louis

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