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I am so very very sorry. I hear and feel your pain. I will pray for God to give you the strength to get thru this and your children. I will pray for Lori to have peace and no pain. Know even at this most difficult time in your life - that God is still with you - although its very hard (I know) - to keep the faith right now. From everything you have written you are very strong and so is your wife. I will keep you uplifted in prayer - please keep us posted.

Dear God this is for Phil
his five children and wife
Please take away their chill
bless them your everlasting life.

Please excuse any lack of faith
unbearable suffering the reason why
Of your merciful presence demonstrate
and assure them that love does not die.

May you grant them all your peace
and make Lori's sleep but a dream
whose purpose for her pain to cease
to awaken in your kingdom surpreme.


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