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If only I could return to the day I was wed
with the knowledge of how time has sped
I would strew my wife's path with flowers
and count the blessings of passing hours.

On her face I would always try to put a smile
and make every avenue our marriage aisle
taking her hand in mine to let her know
that in my heart is still Cupid's arrow.

Now things are so crystal clear
all I ever needed was her near
to make me content and complete
she took the sour and made it sweet.

Original Post
Mick, what lovely verse in honor of your wife, your life together, and now the pain you are feeling during these trying days.

Mick, I know there will be times of aloneness when your wife passes; there are times of aloneness even now. Her pain will be taken away, and it will becomes yours, but time will admit truth, sometimes too long denied to free you from this mortal sense of things to glimpse the realm of Spirit where life is not denied, and you will see every day as an Easter, a day of resurrection of thought which will allow you to release her and allow you to fly free.

You know, Mick, that is what she would want for you; it is the essence of LOVE.

Bless you and your wife, Mick.


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