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I appreciate the prayers.
I am taking a leave of absence from work for just a little while, while I regroup.
With the surgery of my Mom and placing her in a facility and then having my sister die at the same time, got overwhelming. I went to see Mom yesterday for the 1st time since I got back into town and she is very confused and still tired and somewhat weak from the surgery. It broke my heart, but I just can't do anymore than what I have done to care for her. I wanted to go home and call my sister and talk with her about it and I couldn't, so that made me cry. I am going to be fine, it is just going to take me some time. Thanks, Linda
Hello Linda,

I sent you a couple of emails but they came back with an insufficient address... I think you are doing the wise thing by taking time off.. it is a lot to handle all at once..

It is so difficult when you care and give and you find you can only do so much and the rest is in the hands of a higher power.. I encourage you to take some time to write about the mixed feelings you are having.. I have a very strong feeling that if you can get out into nature and be still in your own energy, you might sense your sister's presence.. she will always be in your heart... talk out loud with her.. have dialogues... it is very healing and answers will come to you... take time to nurture yourself...I am keeping you in my thoughts and prayers...May your healing be gentle...


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