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Subject: Hard to let go..



Hi all.. Well I had said I wasn't going to talk to my mother, due to a lot of things, one being her telling me off with a few choice words for no reason. But, there I was dialing her number...I wonder why I find it so difficult to be assertive and what not.

It's a long story, I will have to fill you all in someday. Growing up in an alcoholic/substance abuse home was difficult, and I ended up being the caretaker for all of my brothers and sisters. (doesn't help that my astrological sign is Cancer). Well, now I am a caretaker for all that come into my contact. I feel most comfortable making sure that everyone is ok. Well I feel like I am rambling..will write more later.

Subject: RE: Letting go



Just want to support your thought further. We really have no control over anyone but ourselves. Should we be unhappy with anyone or any given situation....we can only take action within our inner make changes or shifts that will assist us in adjusting to the individual who is affecting us as well as the situation.

Subject: RE: Hard to let go..


Hello Maija

I just want you to know that you aren't alone. Perhaps it is the caregiver in us as well as the rescuer that keeps us going back for more. However, I think when a person such as yourself has a very high consciousness or spiritual awareness, we are always wanting to support others to get it...Is it wrong...there is no right or wrong...just merely being who you are is the most important issue at hand. perhaps in reflection when others can see who we really are, they may one day respond in kind.

The only thing I would like to support you on is that we cannot care for or help others if we are neglecting ourselves. As long as we do what we need to have our own needs met, then and only then can we really serve others without any negative feelings cropping up. It must be totally from the heart because of who we are and not for what we might expect in return...Bless you in all you are doing.



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