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At 06:13 PM 01/18/2000 -0500, you wrote:
>Dear Gail
>I have been looking for a place to vent and learn and grow from the
>experience i am currently in. I am living with my mother, attending college,
>raising 3 children on my own and have times i resent being the daughter that
>is so giving or caring and wish i had time alone, with out responsibility.
>I have a sister who has a full time career and full time husband. She will
>listen to mom and do if only absolutely necessary, but usually is un
>available and this upsets my mom.
>My children and i have come from domestic violence and have been healing
>through counselling for 6 years. I have a tendency to hold things in and
>then explode once i learn that (i.e....she calls my sister and complains how
>she has to descipline the children and she has to baby sit so much) which
>this is not true, if anything i ask her to let me handle the problems and we
>try to find as many activities as possible to not intrude or deal with mom's
>old fashioned sarcastic comments. My dad died two years ago and mom is so
>scared and non-trusting. I worry about her and yet when i pray God tells me
>to stop draining all my energy and give it to him. I am so glad i have found
>a place to find people that are feeling the same and i. If there are
>sponsors or group discussions or a loop i can belong to i wish to for i know
>if i can change my way of viewing the living situation i can learn instead of
>With Love Cyn
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