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Taking care of a granddaughter seemed like a good idea at the time, and it is loads of fun. Then there were twins, and post partum depression and parents diagnosed with alzeimers and an aunt dying from bad heart but needing to stay home.
So the twins are now 18 months, the aunt died at home (thank you God) and parents are borderline as to whether or not they can remain at home.
There are many bad days but more good days, the funny part is that they are very much alike which is why elders get alone so well with children.
I would love to talk to other "sandwich" people just to share stories or give support because there are days when you think your life is not yours and will never be again. Then you get hugs and kisses from tiny little munchkins or a "how would we survive without you" from parents and life begins again...
Good luck to all of you
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I am going through the same thing. My mother was diagnosed a little over a month ago with brain cancer. I brought her to my house to get better treatment. We thought she was going to be here 3 days for chemo and then 6 weeks off. Once we got her here and in the hospital they changed her protocol to chemo every week in hospital and one in clinic.

So, Mom has had to move in with me. She's not too much trouble...meaning she doesn't get in the way or tell me how I should do things. The kids love having her around too. My oldest (6) knows that she's sick and that's it's bad but she doesn't completely understand. The little one (3) just likes having Grammy there.

The problems that I've noticed are when I come home in the evenings (I work full time) my kids start complaining about dinner and being thirsty (normal stuff), then I go in to check on Mom and she starts asking for me to get her some more ice water, find her pills, review some type of mail she received......etc.

I feel like I'm constantly being called upon to do SOMETHING for SOMEBODY and never get much time to myself. I'm glad Mom's here and getting the best care possible, but sometimes it's just too much to have everyone need me at the same time.

Yesterday my husband's alarm was going off as I left for work (he takes the kids to school). I figured he'd be getting up soon and I left. He called me at 8:05 and was mad because I didn't wake him up. My oldest had to be to school by 8:00 and is considered late at 8:10. I was furious. I so badly wanted to say: "when did I become your Mom too?"

Anyway, later he apologized and said he was just mad because he didn't hear his alarm and has such a hard time getting up in the morning. So, this morning, I made sure to turn everyone's lights on before I left.

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