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Things are going along ok. The contractor was been hired to finish the upstairs at Mom's house so that my husband and I can move up there, getting all my charges in one house will be a blessing.

My husband is doing well. He started going to an Adult Day Care. He seems to enjoy it even though many days he is the only male there, not to mention he is the only male under the age of 62.

Mom is doing well. I managed to get her on the computer and actually using it. Even though it is just Ebay right now, she is having a ball shopping to her hearts content. And Dad thinks everyday is christmas when the mailman comes to the door.

Dad is not doing so well. His alzheimers is now to the extent he cant remember how to use the computer at all. Half the time he cant even remember how to open solitary. Sad when you think he was involved in the development of the pc.

He has also been given another diagnosis. He has parkinsons along with all his other issues. This did not suprise us since his brother also has parkinsons.

Right now he is fighting a bad case of pnomonia. It was trips to the doc everyday for either a shot or a breathing treatment until they sent him home with a nebulizer last week.

School starts on August 20th. Financial Aide has been approved. So I won't have to pay for anything to go. Even my books and gas have been covered. Hubbys Day Care has been covered as well.

It is going to be close getting moved into the upstairs at moms and getting things settled from the move before school starts. I am hoping it is all done before then. I am afraid I wont have time to unpack if it is after.

This semester is going to be tough. I am taking 15 units, Human Biology, Nutrition, Medical Terminology to name a few.

My two youngest daughters have moved on and started their life. Seems strange to think that they have moved on and are young adults. But I am enjoying it, thinking about all the nice things I can have now that I don't have small children in the home all the time. So I started buying some nice things to start. WELL ok maybe more than a few... like ALOT OF STUFF... lol

Most of the furnishings I have now I have given to the youngest kids to get them started on there own lives. So I have been replacing stuff with new things.

All in all things are going along ok.. just wanted to drop in and say HEY EVERYONE CES IS STILL ALIVE........

See you in chat sometime before classes start in August....

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Dear CES:

Sounds as if things have been so very busy for you and soon to get busier... Congratulations on your school plans! What a heavy load but such a wonderful step for you to take.

I think it is great that your mother is shopping on eBay and can relate to the "Christmas" feeling when the packages arrive. I have bought and sold on eBay myself off and on. It is great fun!

I hope your dad recovers soon from the pneumonia. That is so scary in the elderly. It is so hard to watch our beloved parents suffer from health issues...

Take care, CES, and keep up the good work. The changes you are making sound as if they are the best interests for everyone in your beloved family. Your loved ones have been blessed with you... Do keep us posted...

Love and Hugs from Glenda
Hi Ces... welcome back... it was so good to read your post and hear that things were going well.. they hubby was doing well and of your return to nursing school... kudos!! it's good to have your humor both here at the boards and in the chats... keep us posted... take care


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