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Well, it is almost 6 months since Mom has passed away.
My sis-in-law calls about 2 months ago, she wants to have a family picnic!!
What?????!!! A family picnic???!! What family???!! Surely not mine. I don't have a family!! Or so that's how I have felt.

Not one has called and asked if I am OK. Not one has called to see if I need help clearing out Mom's things!! No contact, No nothing, and now a family picnic!!!

I just let her believe that I was coming, but never had any intentions of showing up anyway. She called me at lunch time the day of and asked if I were coming.........I said ' OMGosh....I totally forgot!!!!' I asked who all was there...didn't sound like too good a turn out anyway. I told her just to tell everyone we said 'Hi'!!

Can you even imagine!!! No contact for 6 months, no support or caring for Mom when she was here. For the 3 years that she lived here they came to visit 4 times!!! and 2 times it was to collect money from the sale of her mobile home!!!

I am just totally baffled!!
Is she really that stupid????

I guess my sister and her husband were there also.
Don't get me started on her!!!!!

OK, I am now done venting!!!
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Join the club Plink....

it's painful.. it feels to many in this situation that we are orphans... perhaps we are in some ways, but it is time to heal deeper and fill the void with new loving friends who are like extended families..

I have written all over the boards about my family and won't go into it, but the truth is that perhaps if the situation arises again, that you tell who ever it is that calls what you are really feeling... that will help you to heal even more...

Please keep us posted.... take care angel..

Hi Patty:

It is baffling how family can be so unaware of their lack of support. Then they choose to create a happy family through their reunions I suppose. I am sure that I would not appear either...

Last year when my sister invited me to my niece's wedding, they did nothing to really encourage me. If I could find someone to care for dad (at our expense) that would great (ha, ha, ha). I had no intention of even trying to go... But you can bet we had to sit through all the wedding photos which was like rubbing salt in the wound.

Anyhow, Patty, I think you were right to stay away. Perhaps, in time, you will be up to dealing with them all... In the meantime, be gentle with yourself.

Love and Hugs from Glenda

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