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I am new. When I open up this thread I don't see anything to respond to. I am a sandwich caregiver (mother in 70's and teen sons all living together with husband working full time since September 07) who feels that my role really shouldn't be that hard but I don't seem to do it very well. Any hints on "keeping perspective" are welcome. (Please don't tell me to 'take care of myself' as first I am not very busy and second if I knew how to take care of myself I wouldn't beg for help on perspective) Does this make any sense?

Thanks in advance if anyone answers!
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Hi lessofme:

One thing that has always helped me is posting the daily quotes and affirmations. They are really helpful for keeping perspective.

Being caught in the middle is the hardest part of all. But, taking care of yourself is important - so try to take a walk around the block once in a while and look at the gardens or the architecture if you can grab a few minutes. Or, if leaving the house is hard for you, grab a cup of hot chocolate and take a moment to enjoy it. Just think of yourself for a bit...

Meanwhile, know that you are not alone. We are here for you in some way or another 24/7. Hang in there, dear heart.

Hugs, Glenda
Hello Less of Me.. I think the most important thing you can do is to read as much as you can as to how other caregivers are experiencing it... perhaps even participate in a caregivers support group either on or offline or both.
Perhaps sharing some of your difficulties with us can help others to offer supportive feedback....

Please let us know...


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