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Hello everybody. My name is Natalie and I work for Fleishman-Hillard in Atlanta, Georgia. I wanted to share with the caregiving community the findings from a recent study of more than 900 unpaid caregivers sponsored by Aflac. The study examined the social aspects of caregiving and from the survey, they created a list of the the top 10 things to say to someone who is ill. The list can be found at and clicking on the article "Finding the Right Words Suring Sensitive Times." I found this really insightful and helpful when talking with people who are ill, as well as those who are faced with daily caregiving.

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Thanks for the link to the Aflac site. Those are great suggestions to say to either a caregiver or someone who is ill. I think it is so difficult to know what to say. My husband has been ill for so long I don't remember what it was like when he was well but so many of those suggestions would help me so much if someone would just say them to me.
Also, a dear friend of ours just received the news he has cancer so tomorrow I have ideas of what to say to him.
Thank you again.

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