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Call me crazy but this is just wrong! My uncle has recently been switched from peritoneal dialysis to hemoglobin dialysis. Now here is the crazy part...we just got a new shipment of peritoneal fluid and supplies right before they switched him and NOBODY wants it back! The supplies are all in sealed boxes and each item inside these sealed boxes are individually sealed also. Their theory is you cannot return them because of possible contamination lol. What is insane this amounts to around 15,000.00 dollars worth of supplies! I have been sending out e-mails to every group I can find to donate them to but so far no luck. I may have to just pour all this down the drain but that is even more insane!

Merry Christmas Everyone 

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Hi, Ken.


I had a similar thing happen when my mother had her stroke and moved from assisted living to the nursing home.  The assisted living staff handed me her newly refilled meds - about a months worth, but the nursing home couldn't or wouldn't take them.  I ended up taking them to a local ER which co-sponsors (with law enforcement) a drug "amnesty" program that takes expired meds and disposes of them safely.  What a waste.


I don't know if you were to contact a local news consumer advocacy or health reporter, they might have ideas or resources to help... or do a feature about this lunacy.  Just a thought.


Had a another thought (coffee is starting to kick in)... if the product is paid for with gov't funds, send the stuff to that gov't agency with a note explaining what happened - that is, if you as a private citizen, can send it through the mail without breaking any laws and without great expense.


Good luck, let us know how it turns out.


Good morning,

The supplies are all paid for through insurance,medicaid, and AARP supplimental.I have been informed by each group along with the National Kidney Foundation to comply by properly disposing of the product.While I can somewhat understand their reasoning I just disagree with the waste.There is just way to much of this going on in the medical system.

But it is all good for this is way to beautiful of a season to get drawn down by

It is back to the kitchen for me where I can do some good!

Have a wonderful day!!!!

Hi All... boy do I know how you feel... when Empowering Caregivers was a non profit organization I was present at many many legislative meetings.. the waste and excessive medicare costs blew me away... My mother had copd and a portable nebulizer costs $100 - 150 new.. but medicaid didn't give her a new one to keep... they billed the govt $85.00 a month for over four years as a rental...this infuriated me... so I do understand how you feel... with mom's medications that were changed... we donated them to the gay men's health crisis center for those with HIV and they were extremely grateful since many of their members were at the poverty level and in need of them. Just another way the pharmaceuticals get richer at our expense and the govt exploits us..

$15000 is a huge waste... I would write a general letter regarding your upset over this and mail the letters to Obama, your state reps in senate and house...and even to some of the major news programs... maybe one day they will all get it

keep us posted....



I wish I had inquired about the docters without borders maybe something could have happened there. It really just boiled down to the system as in the product was paid for and in private hands. My many e-mails only led to me getting monitered and informed without a medical license to dispense medicine, anything other than disposing of the supplies was illegal. I get it but know it is just flat out is done now but thanks for another suggestion hope you had a wonderful day!

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