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Sounds silly.... I've just booked my car in for a way overdue service (read 15 months). When things were bad with DH I got game enough to see if anyone lived close enough to pickup the car when required (Service place 1/2 hour drive away). The Service Manager gently tended me and would leave the keys for his car with me.
Since DH died I haven't been truly active... just starting now. Rang the Service Manager, said I could bring the car down, in his very gentle tone he said... No... he will pick up and drop back.
There are so many good people out there and I am in tears.
x Alison

ps.... I am learning to read the people who have had some life experience within their own families... they understand and respond accordingly... let's hope we all do the same.
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Hi Alison:

It is tough losing one that you love. I lost my Dad in November and I am still having a hard time...

I am so glad that you shared your experience about the Service Manager. I haven't had that great of experience. It seems that there are people out there that have no idea how hard it is to pick up the pieces...

Thanks for sharing - I am glad to hear that you are getting active again. Hang in there and take care...

Hugs, Glenda

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