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Thought this might need a little 'extra' attn. since I saw so many replies to the other posting . . !

Jan. 9 . .. my DH had a bleeding ulcer due to aspirin the hospitals say . . . I think stress and he is I've now found out 2 points away from being obese morbidly ( don't like that term! ) but also has hypertension and high cholesterol . . .

So for me this crosses the line of caring for myself and what am I feeling . . .

The thing that really popped out at me was the statement that people ask why don't you just leave him as I get that too .. .

We've had our challenges but our base values are so similar and if we split up well .. . who's to say the 'next' would be 'better' ????

People love to dive into the deep end of a pool that we haven't invited them to and also love to give advice . . . something I learned in counseling . . .

and that I feel compelled to answer ?s of any sort . . .

Anyway, I came on here to say now I'm caring for my DH on top of everything else and I'm finding my health is taking a nose dive . . .

I've always been a gym not addict but take care of myself however my level of exhaustion has just taken a skyrocket!

I do still go to yoga but it takes so much to get there . . .

And I find myself resentful that my husband did not care for himself and here I am struggling to keep in shape . . .

That sounds just petty I know .. yet that's what I feel alot . .

He's sedentary had a blood tranfusion and seems to feel a lot better and I'm beat! and I'm the active one!

Did go out for a walk today but .. . still

. . . . sigh ~ . . .

I have to keep reminding myself that were this my child I would not think twice . . . to care for this person . . .. so to try and let go of any resentment . . .

Hard tho' when I'm so used to bounding with energy.

He has another endoscopy on the 20th which will be a looooooooong day and I have more acupuncture visits than I would like at the moment but that's what is keeping me 'sane' . . . .

thanks for this place!

And I hope it helps the person caring for an obese spouse!

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Hi Little One:

Wow, tired, I know... You have been through a lot with parents and DH! However, you need to take care of yourself. Easier said than done, huh? A walk is good.

It is interesting but - people do not know how to just listen. It is always inherent in some to fix problems and so they suggest things. Then there are others who know how to make problems... Just think, however, when friends suggest this and that (no matter how ridiculous it may seem) they want to help.

I can't speak about obesity because, TG, I have never really dealt with it - Dad was tall and maybe chunky at most during his life. The best thing is healthy foods such as vegetables, stews, etc. Home grown is the greatest! Stress is bad...

Keep up your yoga and your youth as long as you can. At some point, it needs to be all about you... Take in that sunset or sunrise whenever you can.

Love and Hugs, Glenda

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Hey sweetie . . . somehow you have a way to release the tears I know are there to release . . . .to acknowledge I / we are important and all 'despite' what you went through!

So , with that I'm gonna go eat dinner try and reduce my stress level . . .

Yes stress is 'bad' ..

and whatever else you said!

Thank you so much . . . again


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