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I have spent the last 8 hours in the ICU with my father. No other siblings came while they removed my father from Life Support. This was a decision I made the first day he was put on Life Support that if he was still on it by Monday, he would be removed. Although he has been through this many times before, he has not been intibated since Nov, and all the times after while with me never had him placed on Life Support. His CHF was resolved with meds, and BiPap. Anyway, after battling with nurses and doctors,(they were totally against it) he finally was removed, and the first words (raspy as it was) were, *I want 2 pancakes, scrabbled eggs, and coffee, NOW*. He also remembered how many days it has been since he had eaten. These last 4 days he has been on Life Support with no sedation. He has been alert and oriented.
It isn't his time, yet anyway. He is still in the critical phase, but I am at peace knowing he is no longer being kept alive by machines, he is living and breathing on his own.
Thank you everyone for your prayers. They are for sure helping me stay focused, and giving my father peace.
Hugs Angels,
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Thank you everyone.....
Got a call this am from the doctor. Not happy with dad's numbers. Asked if I was visiting today, told him I was going to rest but he felt it would be a good idea to at least visit. He also asked my wishes again, and I asked him to please feed him. Allow him to do what he loves the most, eat, and talk, and let him die naturally. Of course my family is up in arms, and wants him back on the respirator, and I am holding firm. They continue to tell me that dad wants to live, and they don't want to let him go.
I am still hurting and very sad, but God is still guiding me and keeping my father in his hands.
I will keep you posted Angels,
Hi Robin,

Yes, God is holding your father very close to Him. His love for him is greater than we can imagine.

I truly wish your siblings could take the energy they're wasting on being angry with you and use it to show love and support for your father. His time may be short and they're missing out on the opportunity to be close to him. His life is so very precious now.

Keep doing what you are for him. You have his best interest at heart and as hard as it is for you, it's a true testimony of your love for him.

There are alot of prayers enfolding all of you. You're not alone in this journey.


I don't know your siblings but I do know you. You are full of concern and love for your dad. You spent the most time with him. You know what his wishes are. I suspect your siblings are angry for their own reasons and not anything to do with you or your dad.

I remember when my mom was dying. My brother wanted everything done for her but mom had expressed that was not her wish. Mom would have been like a newborn infant, not able to talk, not able to care for herself (eating, bathing, dressing) all of her memory would be gone. Bro said he'd visit her every day and help...but yet, he had only been to see her once in six months while the tumor progressed. Mom died and bro blamed everyone..God, the doctors, dad, me, even mom.

Stay strong Robin. You know what your dad wants and he has designated you to make sure that his wishes are followed. Your siblings are making it difficult for you, but dad knew you were the strongest one. He loves you and trusts you.

Oh Robin.

As we noted once, our father's are so much alike. He may come back strong. But I admire that you are carrying out your father's wishes. As hard as I know that is. You stand firm. The food request is hilarious and something my father would say exactly. Must be the depression era upbringing. I am praying for you and your father. How is your family holding up? How is your mother doing?

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