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It has been such a terrible week with the loss of my mom last week .
Now this .
I have found out that the Laywer who was suppose to probate my Dads will 2 years ago for my mom , has never changed things over in her name even though he was paid to do so .
I have been told he pulled all the paperwork But never completed it .. just put back in the file .
What does this mean to all her kids ?
Is he accountable in anyway for falling down on his job ?
Can it still be completed now that she is gone ?
The Lawyer sent me a letter yesterday, to come into his office at my first convienience to see what needs to be done with my Daddys Will . I don't even know if he knows mama has passed away . I am so angry & hurt . I shouldn't have to be dealing this right now . He was paid to do this 2 years ago . I can't help but assume he is just wanting more money now .
Money that I don't have to give , for work he left uncompleted .
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Starlight: I know this is painful and devastating ---- I would go to the office asap, and talk with an eldercare attorney to for advice. Also, did you have POA - and are you the heir now ---- I'm not sure, but try to talk to an eldercare atty. and go with more advice than this atty. If you have anything at all to show that this was to be processed --- have that in front of you. Best of luck, and in my prayers for you to come out of this! Love & Prayers.... Vickie

PS: Just see what is going on first, dont' jumpt the gun and don't be afraid --- it may not be all bad news, it may be good news! Hang in there! We all have even this to do when we lose our love ones ---- you can do this ---- see what he's got to say, and be careful, disuss with your siblings if they are there for you ---- and start with the first step --- go see what he's got to say - and be careful of signing anything without advice from your family and maybe even an eldercare atty.

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I am a law student and I too, encourage you to see another attorney.
If you don't feel that you can afford an attorney, every county and Congressional district in the U.S. is served by Legal Services, which provides free representation in civil (non-criminal) legal matters to qualifying, low-income individuals.
The address below will take you to an interactive map on the Legal Services Corporation website that will show you the location of the Legal Services office(s) in your state.
Good Luck
God Bless You "WesternGirl" ---- I knew you were out there --- we all need you on this board --- Be so proud of what you are doing!
I have a young friend studying to be a lawyer, her Dad and Mom both were killed, sadly "alcohol" was involved. She decided to take her dream road - to be a lawyer!
CONGRADS!!! Keep up the good work. May need to ask a question or two myself up the road. Yet, I/'ve been through estate trusts, probates, marriage separation (came back together - the "miracle" in my life), and so many other legal issues! But, never the less --- still may need some answers. Thanks! Happy Holidays!

PS: I will search the board to read your posts as I haven't ---- I'm sure there is a story behind your being in law school. Love & Prayers ....... Vickie

I agree..go to that office as soon as you're up to it and try as best you can to get everything straightened should not need to put out more money for the probate part of your dads will..stick to your guns..the end result may take a bit longer now due to this lawyers negligence in completing what he was supposed to but all should work out in the end..

let us know how you are making out...

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