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Hi . . . again .. . I am really angry . .
think it's a combination of grief/anticipitory grief/feel held back by marriage stuff/ my husband wants to go on a real estate retreat this weekend would not see him all weekend long . . . marriage counseling . .

Tempted to tell him not to go but I don't think that would be healthy cuz who am I to say that but him going would = more work for me as I check e mail now . .

Our marriage counselor has us not talking to each other at the moment or I guess going away if we get triggered but how can we talk about crucial stuff if we don't talk about stuff that triggers us?

Not healthy to stuff things down but . . .


And 'western counselors' have asked me ( as I'm sensitive' and undergo accupuncture and can't 'function' post treatment )

'have you always been 'like that'?????'

the latter really p's me off!

Ya mean able to deal with all that's on my plate and get up every day??????

wow I don't think I've ever gotten this mad on the boards but needed somewhere to vent . . . especially with the marriage guidance we have now . .

thanks for listening again!

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