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I was TOTALLY in the dark as to what all caregiving would include upon my mom's release from the hospital. I didn't really react except to be ecstatic that we would finally be able to be in the comfort of home instead of practically living at the hospital.
I think some of it was still a bit of shock that all this had transpired and I did think it would be easier to get help, etc than it was which I would later find out.
Noone really informed, educated, or talked to me from the hospital about what I would have to deal with once we got home.

It was nice chatting with you the other evening.

Like you, I also was really glad when my mom came home from the hospital (after back surgery) and hoped that she would then heal and be able to get back to work. It's been so long since then, around six months. She's been off work for other problems for over a year.

It's just now starting to hit me that this may not be a temporary situation and I now need to see about financial situations. I know I'll feel better when Mom and I can work out a game plan should the worst of the situations occur. In the meanwhile, I do want to care for my mom for as long as I am able - but I don't know what I'm going to do if she ends up completely bedridden someday. It's sad to see her sitting around the house all day bored. She just had to sell off one of her timeshares because she's realizing that she may never get around well enough again to enjoy travel and we can't afford such things right now.

It gets overwhelming to think of this arrangement possibly going on for years, so I try to just take it in small portions instead. I hope I come to better accept my situation and this site has definately helped my see things better.
Hello Dedra,

You really understand what is needed. Don't beat yourself up or pressure yourself. Take it one day at a time, one step at a time. In doing this, you will cover all bases that are needed to secure that things go smoothly for you in your role...

It is good to know that the site is helping you to see things in a different light. The most important thing to remember is to take care of yourself. Do things to nurture yourself and sustain you so that you are able to serve your mom better...I think you are truly a very special gift and blessing for your's a challenging time but a very special time...opening your heart is the most important healing that will take place...

richest blessings
Hi Dedra...

You are right...It is very overwhelming the fact of putting so much of one's life on hold to care for someone..
I do know that after a time you become more educated as in ways and means to get help, things to keep you and your loved one amused, basically just adjusting to a different way of doing things. It comes with time and an understanding that you never know how long you will be caregiving.
Or how bedridden, etc the person you care for will become.
I think you are going to be just fine... have a handle on the financial situation now, and you know where to come for support...i.e this site...
As tough as a lot of days were for me caring for my mother I know I could have and wish I would have had many more years with her...but was not to be.
Hope to see you in a chat again...

Take Care...

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