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I'm on overload ( still )! Very 'off' today and in general . . .
start marriage counseling tomorrow . . on a Saturday . . . so I'm irked with my husband for taking so very long to go ( 7 plus years ) and with my Dad for telling me how to be . .. I know this is extremely vague but I'm really concerned about myself I'm 'losing' things . . . just exhausted . .

I'm still here but I need time for myself . .

Very very vague I know but I guess I needed to get that out!

thanks . . .

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Thanks Glenda . .
gosh I have alot to say but I can't seem to type . .~!
Yah it's good my husband is going with me to counseling but it's so hard when so much is on my plate already . .

And this counselor did not tell us that she will be on vacation until we saw her last sat! with no backup and we are in 'crisis' my husband and I . .
so we see her this sat and then what???????

Just everything . .thanks bills, work, being told I'm not highly functional ( = I don't work outside the home and I have a hard time exercising lately )

But I got up did laundry fed the bird made the bed getting myself to counseling marriage doing accupuncture taking care of Mom/Dad and myself to the best of my ability! Huh . . . what do people want?????

Guess I'm angry!

Guess needed to get that out!




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