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I am sorry to hear your mother is continuing with her inappropriate outbursts. I am, however, happy to hear you are stepping back to take care of yourself first. It is truly amazing how much we take ourselves for granted. Even the slightest bit of losing power can be so damaging. Keeping ourselves focused and balanced is a daily challenge. As difficult as it is to set the boundaries, we must do it to protect ourselves from burn out.
You have and continue to do so much for your mother. Take a deep breath, empower yourself, and let the higher power guide you.
Bless you Angel,
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I was having more emotional problems because my brother who I have spoken with in a few years was up here for his yearly perfuntory visit.. with his judgments I dealt with it as one aunt put it.. perfuntorily.. don't think of him as your brother.. just report to him... I did and I was fine with it..

My mother and I had a blow up before her cataract surgery .. she was released from the hospital on monday for the surgery as an outpatient tuesday morning.. but that too passed...

Well guess whose body is telling them to slow down some... LOL.. moi... but I am doing what I need to do to rest more and heal.. getting the thyroid back in balance... boy stress just completely throws it off course..and then other things start happening..

on top of it .. one of the volunteers used my laptop.. and I am not quite sure if it's a virus or an adware type problem but a good deal of the hardware and software became corrupt so I am spending a huge amount of time backing it up in case I need to do a clean reinstall.. I am all right with this even though it is so hugely time consuming.. just doing it as best as I can working at not anxing over it.. it's been over three years since I actually had a puter problem so I am grateful...

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