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Tomorrow is 3 weeks since surgery. This morning my mother called from the ER. Dad is heading to surgery for a incarcerated hernia.. I don't know how bad things are just yet but I would assume he will ham it up for Mom and push he further than he should.

The doc said he might be home tonight but I highly doubt it being as the surgery is so late in the day and knowing Moms condition..

We don't know how he did this. Just know it is there. The ER doc did say it was quite old, so I am hoping that it will fix some of his other problems.

I will keep you posted on this..

I am trying not to overdo but this might just end up being something that I have no choice in the matter of and have to handle things.

I feel good but do tire easily....

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Well I did overdo it a bit...

My niece who helps my mom has been ill (dehydrated from the heat and not drinking enough water) and I had to pick her up from the hospital she was vomitting... I took her home and drove back to sit with Mom while she waited for Dad only to find she left... She went home cause her sugar level dropped suddenly and she needed to eat something...I sat with her awhile at her home and told her to call when she was heading back up to the hospital since I knew my niece was in bed and wouldnt be able to help. My daughter who stays with Mom was gone to put in job applications.

Mom called and picked me up ..(here is where I over did it)... When we got to the hospital I had to get out Moms wheelchair and push her up to the front doors (slight incline)... pushed her around the hospital and then back out to the car....wheel chair put in the trunk...

When I got home I was in pain and had alot of pressure... I took a pain pill, put hubby to bed when he was ready and crawled in bed myself...

After sleeping for 11 hours I felt pretty good and called Mom and told her she will have to get someone else to push... she agreed.... so no more pushing her for a while...

Dad did fine in surgery, however he had some trouble wearing off the anestesia so he spent 4 hours in recovery....

He was kept over nite and not sure if he will be coming home or not... they had to resect his bowel as well as fix the hernia, and he is on a clear liquid diet this morning... So maybe another day...

This morning I feel fine and have no effects of the overdoing it... thankfully I was careful when I was pushing Mom and took my time, just a bit too much for me yet...I will continue to rest and get back to were I was recovery wise.


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