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I came here and just wanted to say ... I feel PAIN.

It's 2.30 in the morning and I have this enveloping physical pain... then I read some messages, felt the sharing and started smiling again... Ain't good sharing friends wonderful.

I'll let my heart start beating again and maybe cuddle up with the cat and read a bit.

Talk soon
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Aloha Alison,

You know, I think the pain is caused from tension. I've never had pains, now I get them in my chest a lot of times. I've decided it's just the pressure of all the stuff that's going on and I pull myself really tight trying to keep in control and that's what causes them. Don't have a kitty anymore but I'm curling up with a good book too. Take care of yourself. Judi
{{{Alison}}}} some of it may be from the sress releasing.. the loss.. some may be from an emptyiness that you may be feeling inside..

if it si from the emptiness... in time you will fill it with more loving thoughts and feelings... hug your kitty, a tree your daughter and's easy to remain isolated but you may be needing others to be with you at this time...please keep us are in my thoughts and prayers.


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