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Joined a few days ago however just getting around to saying hello to everyone. Just after I signed on I had to be at the hospital for a few days with my uncle but now got him back home.

Before I joined....

I was cooking dinner for my aunt and uncle and just started laughing. For I tried to remember when the last time I actually had a conversation that had nothing to do with bowel movements, blood pressure, pill planners, doctor appointments, ect lol

I just thought I would look around and see who else was out there and decided to join here.

Although I am a skilled craftsman in construction by trade I am a caregiver by choice within lifes journey for it seems when family needs I am the one who is there.

Hope everyone is doing well here and if I can be of help,if nothing more than just a shoulder to lean on, I am here.

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Hi Ken...

Welcome... I had such a huge smile on my face while reading your post...regarding the conversational norms... people need to read and watch more uplifting and inspirational programs, movies, etc and have conversations with those who are not ill to get out of themselves... such a remarkable challenge...


Glad to have you with us...


we are here for you as well...


take care



Have a moment this morning and wanted to say thanks for the warm welcome! Hope everyone had a nice weekend.

My uncle is doing much better now he just has to adjust to a new routine however even though he is 78 he has a humurous personality which helps a great deal. He was on peritoneal dialysis but it tore a hole in the lining below his right lung and the fluid collapsed his lung. So now he has been changed to the hemoglobin dialysis 3 times a week. He is adjusting well for we have to drive 1 1/2 hours to the center.

My aunt is a handful for she has alzheimer's along with multiple other ailments. While alot of people with her problems can be kind and docile she does not fall into that catagory lol.

Have a wonderful Monday and again thanks for the kind welcome it is appreciated!

Hi Ken:


I think humor is so important and keeps things in perspective! Laughter is the best medicine after all...


I am glad to hear your uncle is doing fine - he is lucky to have you. I am sorry to hear that your aunt is suffering from alzheimer's. That alone is tough enough without any additional health concerns. It sounds like she still has some spirit however.


I know when my father had aphasia which is a speech problem related to a stroke, it was hard for him to keep his spirits up. It is hard on the care-giver also!


I am lucky now in the respect that my 93-year old mother is well-cared for in a place of her choosing with no form of dementia or other health problems. TG for that!!!


Cheerio, Glenda

My caregiving is by choice for would never turn any family member away from having a peaceful end in life.Thanks to my mother my life skills allow me to provide all the care they need for their physical well being, have to give her all the credit for my humerous side too.

She always lived on the bright side no matter how dark life got for moment with my mom...

KNOWING she was going into the hospital for respitory treatments in a oxygen tent WITH a new young doctor...she placed a ciggeret and lighter in her bra knowing it would be found as she changed into the hospital gown! The young doc freaked out and actually called me saying he had to report my mom for potentialy exploding the oxygen room lol. I had to calm him down as I about fell off my chair laughing.



Hello Glenda,

Thanks for the kind words and everything is good here and hopefully will be for the hollidays.I have not been available to post here for have spent 6 weeks out of the last 2 months in the hospital with my uncle,however things are going well for him now.

It is soooo good to have things straightened out and home in time to enjoy the hollidays.I am just going to cook to my hearts content while enjoying all my family coming here.

Hope you had a wonderful day and best wishes during this wonderful Christmas season!



Welcome back Patch! Your uncle is a very fortunate man to have you looking after him. I hope you all get to enjoy this Christmas season as well! My daugter just had a mastectomy (still in the hospital) and won't be celebrating Christmas...unless when she gets home changes her mind. She and I have been finding the humor in all of this but I know that soon enough it will hit her. She has a loving husband and that puts me at ease. Take good care!

Hey Ken:


I am so happy you are in such wonderful place - cook away... There is nothing better than love and food to feed the body and the soul. 


I will spend part of Christmas day with my dear mother (or not so dear as the case may have been in the past). But, seriously, she has been wonderful and an anchor for me after many family issues have separated the family for decades. Perhaps we have found some peace and that is what this holiday is truly about for me. 


So, prayers for peace are in my heart and wishing you all the best! Take care...


Hugs, Glenda

Hello and thanks it is good to be back to see how everyone is doing...Way cool your daughter has a loving husband for that type of support is more than what doctors can provide. I do hope you all have a wonderful Christmas for is more than how we are physically for I tend to just wrap the spirit of the season around me and enjoy.

So after pissing off a few of the docs the last couple of months it is great to be back and really hope everyone here is doing good.

I have missed the kitchen and cooking lol...


Hey Glenda,

I think it is great you will spend some of Christmas with your mom no matter the past.There is no family that I know of that does not have some type of discord in there but just part of life.Never let it get you down inside for you just have to understand,accept what is and do what is best for your life.

But this is the Christmas season so tonight for you I will share my best Christmas tree EVER!

Background though not deep dad divorced when I was 3 in the 60' just a cook 5 kids on her 7 years old....

We lived in Pawhuska Oklahoma at the time and it had not been a good end of the year anyway so Christmas was kinda dreary for us and we could not afford a tree or gifts.So mom 3 weeks before Christmas brought home all kind of odd and ends from the restuarant along with other items,not sure where those came from,and said we were making each other our own gifts.She informed us that we would have a tree for our homemade gifts 1 week before Christmas.

On the 17th mom came home with the huge white sheets of paper they lined the table tops of the banquet hall and covered one wall of the living room with the paper...she called us all in to the room and handed us each a new crayon box and pencils and told us the white wall was OUR CHRISTMAS TREE to make!

We worked for 2 days the five ofus kids and then placed our gifts to each other next to it.....

It was a tree of love...our tree...our Christmas!

Hola from Mexico Ken... 


glad to hear your uncle is doing better.. your attitude and spirit sounds great and it is a remarkable share for other caregivers.. I love the story about the white papered walls to design your own Christmas...such an incredible way to build to Christmas from the heart.


Living here in Mexico, the closeness of family is do different than in the US. I think the US is one of the only countries in the world where family closeness has dissipated so much. The customs are so different in countries once you are out of the states.  Conversations run deep on the values of family in the US.. but it is people like yourself as well as the millions of caregivers who have opened their hearts to redefining what family is in the US... away from the greed and all the cah cah... this is truly a gifted blessing.. and the old adage" "to give is to receive" has truly come alive again.


and Glenda... it is so good to hear that your mom has shifted and opened and that you are truly enjoying your time with her... amazing after all you have been through with your family...what a wonderful gift... I am sorry I haven't called.. it's been very very busy but wonderful things are happening down here.


My wishes for all caregivers is to keep everything simplified... keep everything from the heart...during this holiday season... life is short.. I always think of how as we age, we seem to accomplish less during the day then we did twenty or thirty years ago... why is that so?


Richest blessings to you all and to your loved ones


Hello Patch! I agree, the spirit comes from us not material. My daughter is on the other side of the country but we are in close touch and believe it or not all she is taking for the pain is Tylenol! How fantastic is that! Having people who love and care for you around at a time like this, whether it be in person or by other means of contact is healing in itself...I know you understand that. Hmm, pi**ed the doctors off did you? lol Take care.


I know what you mean about the food thing. I am drooling for my Christmas lasagna...can't wait!

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