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Aloha Joy,

There is no way I can imagine what you are going through right now. I just want you to know that I will be hoping you find the strength and love you need to see you through this. Please be gentle with yourself. I don't know you but from your postings you seem to be a pretty special person and that you and Forrest had a wonderful relationship. You were so lucky to have found each other. Hang onto all the good memories. Judi

My heart goes out to you, and Tripp. I haven't been here the last two days, but i had this feeling, i just had this feeling.

Praise God !! Forrest is perfect again, he is a whole man, he's without pain, he's not suffering. I asked Tony to greet Forrest, and show him around Heaven, i think the two of them are hitting it off perfectly, probably talking about you and me, lol.

Joy, if there anything i can do, please email me, or call, if i can do it, i will.

Joy, once Forrest crossed over, he became your angel, he is your protector, he is surrounding you with his love forever now. Keep looking for him, in all you do, in all your surroundings, and tell Tripp, his daddy is surrounding him as well.

May God bless and comfort you all now, and help you to get through day to day, we are here for you Joy, please let us know how you are, when you can.

You will continue to be in my prayers, and thoughts, as you have been for some time now.

God Bless,

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Hello Joy,

You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. I pray that Forrest transitions with ease... You were sensing that his time was short.. your intuition was your guide..

You were a gift to Forrest as he was to you... allow yourself to feel his presence...he will be there for you...

Please continue to post... we are here for you...

richest blessings... may your healing be gentle and nurturing in the coming days..


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