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Helping Former Caregivers Move On With Their Lives

New Bereavement Program Now Offered

A new bereavement program for former caregivers is now being offered through the National Family Caregivers Association(NFCA), not-for-profit organization dedicated to educating and supporting the nation's family caregivers.

The primary purpose of this program is to help former caregivers deal with their grief and loss and move on with their lives. It is an extension of NFCA's existing resources designed to support family caregivers
throughout their caregiving experience as well as being a valuable resource to professionals in the community.

NFCA's year-long program is offered as a benefit to current NFCA members and is available to others as well for a fee of $20.00. All resource materials are mailed directly to the individual's home on a bi-monthly basis.

They include:
A series of (5) five feature articles written to help former caregivers deal with their grief and loss and transition to the next chapter of their life.

The articles will cover the following topic areas:

Relief that it's over and guilt with feeling that way.

Who am I now that I'm not a caregiver - what do I do with my time.

Refueling time - it's okay to just give to yourself.

Why isn't it easier? I've been grieving for years.

Moving on: what do I do with everything I've learned while caregiving.

A family caregiver's bereavement book list, listing over 25 selected books from which former caregivers can gain insights.

A peer-to-peer support network, designed to connect former caregivers with each other so they can support and learn from each other as they grieve the loss of their loved one.
Matches can be made based on relationship, their loved one's illness, geography, etc.

"The bereavement program is a logical extension of our services to members" said NFCA President and Co-founder Suzanne Mintz. "We were looking for a way to continue to help caregivers after their active caregiving had stopped. We knew they
still needed help, and that they had some special issues to deal with during their grieving process. Cindy Fowler, NFCA's co-founder, was the inspiration for the program. She catalogued her own grieving experience after her mother died and helped frame the key issues for caregivers. This program was designed by a former caregiver specifically for former caregivers."

For more information contact NFCA directly at:
Original Post
I just found this new Forum: Grief and Bereavement.

I sure can use all the topics you have.

I am having a difficult time with the loss of my husband on January 30, 2006.

I was with him until his very last breath on this earth. I felt grateful that God took him home but I am devastated being left behind.

I am very depressed and am receiving councilling and medical help. Stated new med's for depression and they are helping.

I feel mostly overwhelmed with the details coming at me; it seems they never end. I feel I am coping ok but IT IS SO HARD````

I sure could use some support right now with chrstmas coming and the first anniversary date of Marcel's death. My mind is bouncing back and forth from last year at this time to this year at this time.

Hoping to hear from you soon,


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