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Mom still drives about once a week. She is confused and can't tell which pedal her foot is on. The other morning I heard a terrible roaring sound and it was mom sitting in the car she had just gotten into with her foot pressed all the way to the floor on the accelerator for FIVE MINUTES! She was struggling to get it into reverse but it won't go unless her foot is on the brake. I am so scared! I had her pain doctor send in a report on it to DMV. Now she got a letter from them asking her to take a form they sent to her doctor to fill out. But she will take it to her other doctor who won't write anything about her to make them take away her license. I LIVE with mom and she will make my life HELL when she finds out I am behind this but now I have to talk to thie OTHER doctor of hers. He will not do anything at all, he is one of those uncaring imcompetent doctors. I am terrified 1. she will kill someone or herself 2. she will find out I am reporting her to get her licese revoked. She will disinherit me, never talk to me again and kick me out --I am disabled with nowhere to go. HELP!
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Hi MothersHelper:

It can be terrifying when our elderly ones are behind the wheel at times. It is hard to say what to do. Try not to worry. (Easier said than done I am sure...)

If the doctor won't address her driving issues, then maybe you should try if you haven't already. It is not an easy situation. Perhaps, if she can admit that she is getting elderly, than she can understand that you are acting out of concern for her. I am wishing you the best of luck...

God Bless, Glenda
We all sat down with Grandma and told her that while we were worried about her capacaties, and we would never forgive ourselves if something hapenned to someone else while she was at the wheel. This seemed to make an impression. We also told her there had been an anonymous complaint against her tag and we had to take it seriously.
Unfortunately mom was not sensible and got mad when I said nicely that she shouldn't be driving. She even lied about keeping her foot pressed to the floor of the car on the accelerator.

She claimed she did it because she couldn't hear the engine running! I know she did it thinking it was the brake pedal. I could see her fighting to get the car into drive while she had it floored. Thank God the car won't go into drive unless the brake pedal is pushed!

I had to talk to her doctors and get them to send in letters to the DMV saying she should not be driving. Then DMV sent a letter saying they wanted to retest her. I was so scared that DMV would not realize how bad she was. It was a time or horror for me, every time she got into that car, I can't tell you what I went through, waiting for the inevitable to happen.

It was with a lot of luck and help from the other side that her license revoked.

I lost some respect for her, when I heard her lie about keeping her foot on the gas for five minutes. I try to remember her mind is not like it used to be.

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