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Thanks for your concern about my welfare. I try to take care of myself but don't find much time just for myself. My husband can go out but when we take him out we have a wheelchair and oxygen and he seems to get very uncomfortable if we are out for any length of time. I do try to get him out of the house at least once or twice a week. It does help his spirits to get out in the sun and at least around other people. The kids and I try to go to a movie once in a while for fun. When I am really stressed I find it most relaxing to just stop by on of the inexpensive hair salons and just get my hair washed and blow dried. That few minutes massage really feels so good. I'm sure there are some kind of support groups around our town since it is largely populated by retirees and I run into a lot of caregivers especially at the doctors office. However between work, taking care of kids and caregiving I don't seem to end up with much time. There always seems to be something that absolutely needs to be done. I do try to eat right and get adaquate rest. I try to go the YMCA once in a while but sometimes that becomes difficult.I know things are going to get better. Thanks for caring.
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Hi Mary,
Sounds like you do take time for you, when there is time. Sometimes it seems as though there isn't anytime for ourselves in a day.
I too often tell myself, there is no time for me today, or I start *have to*, and *should* all day long. Those words alone are stress triggers, takes away your power. I have found even 5-10 min. with the door shut, alone, on the deck or even on the phone is still time for me.
You are doing a great job Angel,

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