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I can't believe your not gonna' be out in the kitchen with me today making your cream puffs. Helping me with the stuffing and pickled eggs.

I always got so annoyed when you would say to me......"now, Patty why are you doing it that way?"
I'd give anything for you to be helping me today and yes, even questioning what and why I am doing that.

I miss you Mom. I know you are happy where you are, but that really doesn't make it any easier. Tomorrow when you are peeking down on us, just know that your empty chair will bring us all sadness.
You'd laugh at little Hunter, he's gotten so big!! He eats enough for him and Clayton!! I can't wait to see him shoveling in the food . And Clayton has requested corn on the cob, 'cause that's what the pilgrims had at the first thanksgiving
Macy has gotten so big also. she is walking everywhere now. And she's another one who loves to eat!!

Nick and Dan will be in pittsburgh so Kennedy and Cooper will not be here either.

And little Miss Rylee Marie is still too little to have any turkey and such but she will be here too. You would have loved to sit and rock her, she is a cutie!!

I love you Mom.

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{{{Hi Patty:}}}

What a great memorial to your mother! I am sure your mother is reading your postings also and misses you too. The holidays are not easy without our beloved parents...

But, it sounds like you will have a pretty full house and yummy food which will be good. Hang in there dear heart and let the tears flow if need be. Wishing you a peaceful and loving Thanksgiving Day...

Love and Hugs from Glenda

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