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As caregivers, we have so much to be in gratitude for even if times have been isolating and difficult for us. Let us look at the past year as a year in which we were handed all types of challenges filled with experiences that we couldn't always embrace in the moment. Each of us has been moving past these fears, obstacles and challenges and we have come out of it much stronger in character and in person. We may still feel stressed; we may still be exhausted but we are here and we are different for all the experiences.

While we may not always see the larger picture the Higher Power and Universe have in store for us take time to honor yourself this day... Take a deep breath and reallly acknowledge all that you have been doing. You are an unsung hero and it is important that you accept the beauty of who you are in this moment.

We are all energy and we constantly emit vibrations. When we have negative thoughts or feelings or are down in our energy, our vibrational frequency becomes slowed down and we are in fact, closed down. It is as if there is a big weight on our shoulders that we are carrying around. When we raise our vibration by monitoring our thoughts and beliefs, we are able to keep our hearts open more and we feel more love and are more loving, In actuality we become open to receiving more peaceful and joyful experiences in our lives right in the midst of all that we go through as caregivers. It is said the "love is letting go of fear". This means allowing our self to reconnect to the higher power. It means surrendering and having faith in all of our life experiences from moment to moment. It is only when we are able to surrender and let go that we come to understand that we have nothing to fear. When we allow our selves to be guided through each step of our caregiving process, it becomes a true healing experience.

Many of us give thanks after something has occurred. I wonder how many of us give thanks before we are provided with a demonstration from above with the knowingness that we are being guided and provided for at all times even before the outcomes which, are not always visible to us.. This is truly "Thanks Giving".. when you surrender into the flow of the divine power ..... that dwells within each and everyone of us at all times..

At this time, we would like to thank all those who have faith in our work and have contributed to the growth of the National Organization For Empowering Caregivers and the Empowering Caregiver's site: Our funders - Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Alzheimer's Foundation of America, Marble Collegiate Church, your generous individual contributors from the community and to all our volunteers both on and offline who have given so much of themselves in support of our continued growth both on and offline.

May your "Thanks Giving" be filled with much love, peace and renewed faith. .

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National Organization For Empowering Caregivers
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