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LOL!  Thank you, Ken.


Happy Thanksgiving to all the caregivers out there.  I'm especially thankful for this group and for Gail (our Earth Mother) and Glenda (our Angel and resident pusher of hot chocolate).  The holidays are a potential time of added stress for many who are already burned out.  Sending out cyberhugs and positive energy to all of you today.




Happy Thanksgiving To All Members of Our Empowering Caregivers Community And Your Loved Ones...


Today is a wonderful day to reflect, to move into forgiveness and to give and receive unconditional love...


May your day be filled with lots of love, joy and blessings...


You are all gifted blessings for your loved ones...



Happy Thanks Day to Y'all!


I am thankful for all of you here - as you know, you have helped me through many different times in many ways while caring for my dear Dad and afterwards!


Ken, I think you are so right - caregivers make the holidays special and are appreciated - even if it is not acknowledged at the time. 


Today is certainly a hot chocolate day in the Pacific NW Barb - lol...   Thank you Gail - I will approach the day with forgiveness and thankfulness in my heart - regardless of the weather!


Hugs to All, Glenda


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