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Hi to all my caregiver friends.

I really didn't know if I should post this under family issues or miracles and gratitude. I'm truly blessed.

My sister came to visit from Colorado. She was here 3 years ago right after Mom's stroke. At that time, Mom was under 100 lbs and not in control of her own body, could barely speak, didn't want to eat. I hadn't yet been told that assisted living wouldn't take her back. Mom is fairly well thriving now, 150+ lbs, obviously eating again, coherent most of the time, Parkinson's under control. She still can't walk... which she says is the pits, and is incontinent, otherwise doing pretty well.

My sister has her own severe health issues - respiratory and digestive. She now carries an epipen. Can't stay with us, due to allergies. So I loaned her a car and she stayed at a motel around the corner from Mom. She's been so sick herself over the winter, that we didn't plan any activities, just visiting and resting.

They were so happy to see each other. Sis had some photos of her grandkids and lots of stories, etc.

Then I got a call that my brother was coming in for a friends wedding. He and our sister have not seen each other in 7 years, and not spoken in about 3 years, when he "came out" as gay. He sounded glad to get to see her... with his partner, whom I think of as a BIL (he's on disability and has other health issues, too).

So I reserved a large table at our favorite lunchtime seafood restaurant near the nursing home. My DH even went. As it worked out, Sis drove DH, since neither felt up to walking far. I met my brother and "BIL" at the nh, and we escorted Mom up the street.

So when my brother and sister got together, there were hugs and they started yakking like crazy. DH and "BIL" sat together discussing their respective health. Mom sat there eating and listening, just happy to have so much family together at once.

We sat and ate and talked a long time. DH started hurting, so we excused ourselves, assured that there would be no "fireworks."

Brother, BIL, Sis and Mom spent the afternoon together, and got an order of take-out Chinese food to share for supper.

I took Sis to the airport yesterday, and Brother promises to stop by after the wedding, before he leaves the area to go back to New England.

Did I say I was blessed? I know so many of the folks here do not have good relationships with family, which makes me really appreciate mine - even though they all live far away.

So now it's time to take out the garbage and do Mom's laundry. Cinderella is back from the ball!

Love n hugs to all,
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