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Happy Holidays to All Caregivers and Your families

These past few weeks, I have observed people bustling about in an effort to ready themselves for the holiday season; tourists maneuvering in and out of the stores and boutiques.The Christmas tree lit up in Rockefeller Center and an abundance of decorations throughout the streets is something I truly miss here in San Miguel de Allende.. I sense a frenetic energy. I have noticed one thing through it all... and that is that we are resourceful and we rebound.

And this is something for us to remember as caregivers.. For as I listen to many caregivers sharing their challenges and stories, through the depths of their heartaches, tears, fears and mixed emotions.... they too are remarkably resourceful and pull through each experience in the own time and in their own way.. 

Caregivers are an incredible breed and each and every one of us needs to stand before a mirror and look into our own eyes to reach the depth of our souls and acknowledge who we are, what we do and love ourselves for doing all that we do, without needing approval from anyone else.

This is the best holiday gift that you can give to yourself that will maximize your health, the harmony, happiness, peace and love in your life. Your love will expedite the manifestation of your heart's fondest desires...that can be summed up with one word: "Love." Thus you keep your power and open your heart to others... And with the shifts, so shifts everything around you in your life... 

At the same time, since the holiday season was meant to be a season of loving peace and family connections, why is it that so many millions of people are stressed and feeling so disconnected from everyone? These pressures that include financial stress as well plays havoc and takes away from the joy of the season...Feelings of social obligations, shopping for others because "you" believe it is expected of you or "you" try to bring back the past can pull you down into a slump of depression, loneliness and conflict. I listen to many caregivers who pray the season would be over soon.

I wonder how many shoppers and planners are enjoying the process rather than worrying about the end product. Society has become so goal-oriented so material minded and very little journey-oriented. We want to get there without being there. Yet both are important.

When will the value of love become of more value then the material gift that we struggle to give.. the gifts are from within... and this is an opportunity to really empower one's self by giving and feeling the peace that comes from that unconditional loving space.. Feeling the tensions and stress all beginning to melt inside...

With people partying, drinking, numbing themselves at get together, they get to the actually day of celebration and the New Year and in retrospect, as they look back, it all becomes a blur...

As I have walked the streets here in Mexico these past few days, sharing cabs with strangers in abundance, I feel the warmth, the care, the resilience of all those who walk beside me...Let this season be a dance of life for "you"... a celebration from within that can be shared with loved ones, family, friends and strangers you come in contact with.

For those who are caring for loved ones in their final stages of life, it is an opportunity to reconnect on this deeper level as well... and for those who are moving through this season without loved ones, try to step out - to reach out to another for strength, support and care for there are new faces who are waiting for us to do so...

Perhaps the goal of the season has been to have a memorable memory but remember the lifetime - the choices you make, the healings you undergo, the love you open yourself to and offer to others is truly the gift....

May your holiday season be filled with light, love and the beauty of giving and receiving from your heart. May your New Year be filled with all you dare to dream....

 May your journey be gentle and beautiful!

In Love & Light,


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