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Here we are agai, another birthday.

The kids are reallay growing fast Mom. That little Rylee has the biggest brown eyes, just like yours. she is such a teeny little thing, and her vocabulary....OMGoodness you would have loved her to death!!

Clayton is no longer making his Christmas wish lists. He says he doesn't like to do them so much anymore. I think he misses the time he spent making them with you. He says he still remembers that.

Kennedy and Cooper just got back from Disney, wait till you hear some of their stories.

Little Macy is having some tough times what with everything going on in that family. we don't get to see her as much as we'd like.

Hope you are having the best birthdays ever....which I am sure you must be.......
drink a glass of wine for me. and be careful floating on those clouds......

Love Ya' and miss you
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