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Sunday Oct 28th, will be my dad's first birthday in heaven. We will be visiting him at Arlington National Cemetery, where he rec'd a full honor burial. This poem is dedicated to him. Missing you more than ever daddy.........

The Day the Guns roared loud.

Today I heard the guns roar , but in anger they were not
no enemy to fight today , but for love the guns were shot
They were fired to say , our deepest thanks, and to remember a man
passed on
And through the haze the smoking gun , we bowed our heads with song
We heard the words of pray, gave thanks to god on high
and through the quiet stillness I was moved I heaved a sigh
I thanked the Lord for sharing and for giving me my pop
To my dad I said I miss you and my love for you wont stop
They Salute you brave old soldier , you earned the thanks and love
And now you have your wings , to be free to fly above
The people all around me ,close family , friends and some
It was nice to see the turn out, just for you all all did come
I said goodbye today pop , I wont ever kiss your face
I wont ever see your smile or your loving strong embrace
But Dad , You kiss me daily and I feel you hold me tight
So Goodnight to you my father , please look over me at night.
Brave old Soldier your tour of duty has ended upon this earth
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