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Dear All,
Guillermina Altomonte, a graduate student in Sociology at New School University is doing qualitative research on caregiving, and would like to interview 
men and women in New York City who are currently taking care of an elderly family member. The interviews are confidential and they are aimed at exploring leisure time, difficulties and gratifications that persons experience while being caregivers. If you would like to share your thoughts and experiences, or you know someone who would, please contact her directly at or 540-760-7673. Thank you!
I met with her this afternoon and she is a lovely young woman from Chile, very bright and well informed on caregiving.  If you can participate or help connect her to anybody that fits the bill it would be great.  The variety of types is plus (i.e. GLBT, working caregivers, hands on caregivers, caregivers who supervise aides, long distance caregivers, group caregivers)
Sheila Warnock
Founder & President
ShareTheCaregiving, Inc.
Co-Author Share The Care
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