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Hi! I am new here and am searching for info regarding help for grandparents such as my husband and I who are raising their grandkids. I have found many sites online but cannot find anything regarding financial help. Our grandson's father refuses to pay though it is court ordered and our daughter lives at home which disqualifies us for TANF. Isn't there a new government program being established to help with this situation? Lauralee
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Hello Lauralee and welcome..

It's interesting that you pose this question. I have been spending a couple of weeks organizing information that will be uploaded at the site on June 1st on parenting. If you can't wait until the 1st.. I suggest you go to the AARP website under grandparenting. If you can wait the few days, there will be articles and a lot of resources that you can begin inquiring further about...

also check out the Brookdale Center under Grandparenting Caregivers at

they offer a booklet and information on finances and legal aspects of raising grandchildren.

I look forward to hearing from you....Richest blessings

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