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I took Dad to the pulmo yesterday to get his clearance for the stents to be put in and called the surgeons office today and said we want it done ASAP. He is a high risk for the procedure but is other option is amputaton down the road if we dont get blood flow to his legs. I hope they get him in soon as he is driving me nuts because he has to wait. I am doing all I can to get him taken care of but his patience is little to none! He tells me he will find another surgeon but he just dont realize there arent many out there that would be willing to take the risk with him. I hate to see him in such pain but he needs to realize Rome wasnt built in a day.
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I totally understand your urgency in getting the stent(s) placed. You've jumped through all the hoops to get the medical clearance and if the procedure doesn't get done in a timely manner your dad's condition can deteriorate quickly due to a zillion other issues that can unexpectantly crop up.

It took me 9 months to actually get my mother the back surgury she needed. It was postponed 5 seperate times...3 times because she had urinary tract infections and twice because the surgeon had scheduling conflicts.

The procedure for stent placement is relatively quick and I'll pray that your dad's is done soon.
Hi, Linda.

Kudos to you for advocating for your dear Dad. Not having circulation in the legs is painful.

My mother had numerous by-passes (before stent technology). The trouble was, they keep harvesting from her right leg to help her left leg, until her right leg was in worse shape. Finally, even though the vascular surgeon was pushing for amputation, we convinced him to use an artificial vein. This, with meds, got her another 5 years of mobility, until her stroke 3 years ago. Even though she is now chair-bound, she still has decent circulation in her legs and feet.

I'll be thinking of you and sending good thoughts (prayers) your way. Please continue posting and let us know how it goes.

Love n hugs,
Hi Linda.. you are doing great work...

as for your dad and his lack of patience and perhaps some kudos for all you are doing... his soul loves and appreciates you... he just doesn't know how to express it as well.. just do all you can that feels right in your heart.. as time goes on, you can look back and have no guilt... you gave love, compassion, caring and advocacy.. i am sure even more..

kudos to you


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