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I need to 'rant' . . . I'm on overload with a new computer yes this is a dup but it seems that I'm losing my temper very easily!

I feel so alone . . . need support from my husband and I'm not getting it . .

Scared! Because I don't know if I want to stay in a marriage where I don't feel comfortable yes we've done the marriage counseling thing .

I set up this computer dealt with configuring etc. now he wants to just get on it . .
and use it . .

and not maintain it . .

and that makes me really angry but what disturbs me is my health and that

by him not offering to make tech calls etc. and then saying thins to me like what are you doing?

Lord this doesn't make any sense I need to journal but I think I needed to go bleh!

Have a new biz in the making and I'm getting support from every where but my husband!

Sigh . .

thanks for listening!

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Hi Seba:

It sounds like you are going through a rough time with your hubby. I am so sorry to hear that because I know it must tear you up... Men - LOL!

Don't worry too much about the computer. They are amazingly tough. When I came to care for Dad, he had just gotten a new computer. I messed around with it so much without a clue what I was doing. However, I have learned much since then by going to school. Many of the operating systems now allow you to "roll-back" to an earlier date where the computer wasn't screwed up. It is called "system restore". I just recently downloaded a new toolbar from Comcast. It was so foreign to me that I couldn't pull up my old websites. I just went to Programs - Accessories - Systems Tools - System Restore... That was much easier than trying to figure out the new toolbar!

Maybe that will help you keep your serenity... I hope so. Sometimes we become upset because we feel less than empowered. You, dear heart, are woman and very strong! We can express ourselves but can't change men like we wish we could. So, let hubby know how important his support is to you and, hopefully, he will understand and be there for you now... Your new biz sounds wonderful and important to you - You Go Girl!

Love and Hugs from Glenda
God bless your heart Glenda! Part of this is that my father screamed bloody murder at me the day we saw her in hospital with her seconed knee surgery about how long it had taken to pick up this darn thing . .

It will be good in the long run but yes it's hard to learn all the new stuff!

I have communicated to my husband how important this biz is . . .

And I'm facing some really difficult decisions because as much as he says he is there for me I don't feel it . .

While my Dad was yelling at me my hubby just let the screaming happen . .

And thank you! for telling me not to worry too much about this thing!

So sorry to hear that you are stressed. Yes, that will make your temper flair. Been there and most days still are. Yes, you have to take time to breath. Men don't really see things as women do and that is part of the problem. Remember communication. Sometimes you have to tell hubby what is really bothering you and most of the time it won't be the little thing that you are doing at the moment. I know easier said then done. Some times don't always follow my own advice.

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