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Hi Mimi,

Just finished speaking with Glenda on the phone. Her Internet has been down for about a week. She is actually doing better. She graduated school and is working at her old job.

As for myself, I have been doing a lot of inner healing work and I am hoping to get back to the boards soon as well.

Take care angel... thank you for your concern and I know that Glenda will be grateful as well.

Hi, Ladies.

Thanks, Mimi, for asking about dear Glenda. I've been thinking about her also.

I have a question for Gail. You've mentioned before about taking up pottery or ceramics as a hobby. How is that going? Do you have a "studio" at home?

DH and I watch a lot of crafting shows on TV. When they show someone "throwing clay" I think of you. I guess I'm strange, huh?

Love n hugs to all,

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