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Hi everyone,
Do not know what has been up with this computer since I left end of May. I have posted a few times, I thought and find I am not registered? I really haven't stayed online each time I posted to see, but I just found that my posts are not on. My computer is not really the same format and my husband hasn't a clue, his son was here while I was gone, but he said he didn't do anything to change it.
Anyhow, hope all is ok with all. I have my grandsons here and have no time. Grandpa has them fishing today, so I ran to this computer and found this mess. Candi
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Yes!!!! I finally stayed online!! I missed being on here all this time. As I think I posted in May, my sis and I took a vacation.
What a Godsend. Came back refreshed and quit my parttime job to boot. I just want to say that for those of you who never take some time, you must, you must, it gives you such a lift and better perspective. I feel like such a weight has been lifted, however, may have been from quitting that job too. Or Summer and sunshine.
Both my sister and I stopped having hot flashes a few days into our cruise. The day we were flying home, both of us got either a headache or stomach ache as we approached the airport. Both our hot flashes are back in full swing, however, mine are down to 2-3 times a day. I never thought about it, but I am convinced hot flashes are also brought on by STRESS. Any thoughts?
Am anxious to read up on everybody and just want you to know I thought about all of you, your loved ones and hope and pray things are ok.
The grandsons are here til this weekend, so I doubt I will be doing too much here. Take care everybody. Candi
Hey Candi:

Like getting a "get of jail free card" huh?
Good for you! I am waiting, but then again, I know it could be alot worse, depends on what neighborhood you are in. LOL
Stress will defintely increase those flashes - GEEZ, look at the stress you are coming back to. Enjoy your grandchildren.
Hi Candi,

If going on a cruise will get rid of these darn hot flashes, I'm outa here!!

Glad you had such a great time. Those cruises are the best.

My husband and I are leaving Sunday and coming back next Thursday - yeh!! We're going to the national Elk's convention in Minneapolis. I can not wait. We're having one of his nieces come in to take care of MIL. The poor thing. She has no idea what is involved. Perhaps after her stay she will talk to her dad who does nothing to help us.

Have a great time with your grandsons. They kind of keep things in perspective, don't they.

Hello Candi.. welcome back... and so pleased to hear you had such a good time.. I think most caregivers, myself included, don't realize how much stress we take in and on ourselves.. and it isn't until we truly have an opportunity to slow down and breathe fully and deeply that we can feel tightness through our body and realize how much is really in there.. it's time to let go.. and it shouldn't be because of a cruise although it certainly helps...

this is something we must do daily for ourselves...

I am sure that stress can effect the flashes.. perhaps effect the intensity and frequency...

glad you have returned to share with us....


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