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Oh Dear Glenda, I am so so sorry about you Dads passing. Yes, life is going to be very differant for you in the future and emptiness and crying are a big part of it. You were a very caring and loving daughter to your Dad. But remember, now he is heaven,his body is healed and he is dancing with the angels with no pain. And far far in the future when your time comes, he will be standing at those pearly gates with his arms outstretched saying "welcome home my Dear Daughter'. Know you are in my thoughts and prayers. Oh, one more thing, after the funeral, please sit down with a nice cup of hot chocolate and relax and thing of all the wonderful times you and you Dad had. Peace my friend....

I am glad we spoke... my thoughts are with you and your family... may both your own healing and dad's transition continue to be gentle and nurturing..

You were so fully present for him.. arranging for massages for him until the last minute.. he died as we spoke about.. he died a "good death" in the way that he wanted... on his own terms that you saw through to him until the end..

you have healed so much with him... and in your own time, you will be reclaiming your own life.. we all support you in keep your power wi8th your sister..

blessings to you all angel...

Angel Glenda,

I'm sorry to read of your dad's passing. You certainly made his journey a safe and happy one. As difficult as it has been for you, there is a sense of peace that comes with knowing you were there for him and gave him the greatest gift we can give to a loving parent.

My thoughts are with you, Glenda. You have been an inspiration to me and I thank you.

Hoping this time is proving to be gentle and nurturing for yourself Glenda... I know you have come back here sharing and supporting others, not saying much about what you are going through... I hope it isn't because of your sister... please keep us all posted... you are in our thoughts and prayers...

Hi Gail and All:

It has been hard and I have been trying to get out a bit. The house feels so empty without Dad and it makes me so sad. So, I went to the Goodwill yesterday and bought myself a new pair of pajamas - that helped a little bit... I think I should go there again and get a couple more pairs some day in the future and maybe some old flannel work shirts for the fun of it. The prices are in my budget anyway for now.

I made one change in the furniture and brought my drawing board out into the living room. Perhaps I can find some work from my old boss that I can do at home in my spare time. The board is certainly in a great location to work with plenty of light...

Lately, part of my problem in posting is that my laptop is freezing up on me for some reason. So, if I rush through the answer instead of putting my posting aside for a few minutes helps. The mouse seems to freeze up when the laptop is idle for a while. Then I have to shut the whole thing down and hope not to lose everything (but I usually do)... Ah well, such is life.

It will be two weeks tomorrow that dear Dad has been gone. It doesn't seem that long at all. I still miss him so badly...

Love and Hugs from Glenda

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My heart aches for you and as I watch my own Dad and the struggles we have, please know you were such an inspiration to me to know we "can" do whatever God puts in front of us. You did it all "right". Time --- goes by, and you will see "you" did it right!
Love & Prayers ..........God is with you.
Glenda: FYI: My husband had problems with his laptop freezing up and he took the battery out for a while, and put it back in and it came up again. Just felt you might need your computer. I so am into what you have done, and I pray my Dad will have the peace your's did. You did it all "right"!
Oh, Glenda, I have 'been off the boards' here of late, just 'tending to the necessary' and I truly feared that I had 'missed something.' Am so sorry to hear of the loss of your beloved dad. You are so in my thoughts and prayers.

Cherish your memories, and know that you did the very best possible for your dad.

Love and hugs
Nanc ;-)
Hi Nance ;-)

Thank you for your response. We have missed you and am so glad to hear from you again. Yes, it has been hard losing my dear Dad. I miss him so...

I am trying to get motivated to get out and about again because the house seems so empty without him. The last two months of his life, he was totally bedridden and I know it was very hard on him. In my heart I know he is in a better place now. So, I will pick up the pieces of my heart and cherish the memories of what a good man he was. I was so blessed to have him as my father!

Love and Hugs from Glenda

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