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I am a part-time care-giver at the present, but has my Moma has small cell lung cancer (extensive-both lungs, area between lungs, liver, bones) it won't be long before I'm over there all the time, I want to be there now. I've already received help from this site after I read the post from the lady with Mom & Dad sick and a young family to care for. Also the lady whose Mother has demetia. My three children are grown I currently babysit my grandson, but he will be starting a pre-school program on June 5th which will enable me to be with her all the time if she wants/needs me there. Lord, I couldn't imagine having children at home and a job to deal with right now. The oncologist told my Moma without treatment she would live 6 mos. to 12 months. With treatment 12 months, 18 months, to 24 months. Everything I have read says she will be lucky to live 6 months and in fact with liver involvement the numbers were 6 weeks to 14 weeks. She got the diagnosis March 20th but had been in severe pain for two weeks, and moderate pain for I don't know how long(she has a very high tolerance to pain). She has had one session (three days in a row) of chemotherapy and will have a chemotherapy session every four weeks. They did an MRI to pinpoint the places on her spine so that she could get radiation to try and relieve her back pain-this has helped her back pain but she is still on strong pain killers around the clock. Her latest problem is leg weakness which has made her have to use a walker as she feels any weight on that leg will throw her down. We have gone from me helping her shower by washing her legs & back and drying her legs and back (that was a week ago)to me washing and drying mostly everything. That is why I believe her prognosis is in fact "POOR" as the National Cancer Institute facts state. I'm not morbid, I'm just trying to be prepared for what follows. My Dad is a bad diabetic with Addison's disease. He isn't aware when his sugar is low and Mom has always taken care of him. My Daddy wants me to call Hospice tomorrow to find out what help they can give. I read on one of the Hospice sites that if you use a "medicare certified" hospice medicare will pay for pain medicine and other related needs. Her prescription for 60 tables of oxycontin 80 mgs cost $475.00. Dad has some money put back, but he won't have it for long at that rate. I don't want her to worry about the cost of things and we have assured her that between Dad, my brother and sister and myself she WILL have what she needs and be as pain-free as possible. This is SO long, I just wanted to give as much information about my situation as possible so that maybe someone can point me in all the right directions. THANK YOU LORD FOR HELPING ME FIND THIS WEBSITE.
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Hello Dee,

Welcome, glad you have joined us. I am sorry to learn of your mother's condition and your dad as well.

You aren't sounded morbid...I think you are doing the right thing, researching, reaching out and facing the reality of the situation.

How is your mom holding up from the treatments at this point? I hope they don't decrease the quality of her life. It is a difficult decision to make when you must act so quickly.

As far as Hospice is concerned, if the doctor prescribes her entrance into the program, Medicare will pay for everything. There is only one pre-requisiste and that is that she is not receiving any invasive treatment to prolong life such as radiation, chemotherapy etc. So they will not admit her into the Hospic program until the treatments are completed or they cease.

When my Dad had the cancer, they said no radiation or chemo would help because of the liver involvement. He and my mother were both into denial so it wasn't until the last six weeks of his life, that he entered the Hospice program. Hospice was an incredible gift for all of us. So you might want to discuss this further with the oncologist and your parents...and family members.

You can write as much as you need to in these posts Dee.. that is what these forums are here for and others will respond as well.

Keep us posted as to what is happening...If you would like to place your mother's name into the healing circle here at the site, please let me know.

Richest blessings to you in all you are doing.

Thank you so much for responding. Today Mother has a new area of pain, this time between and beneath her breasts. At shower time tonight she was had better control of her movement, but she has lost MORE WEIGHT since I last helped her bath on Thursday. Her radiation is not a "curing" effort, it is considered "palliative", Lord I think I spelled that right, I never wanted to know how to spell that word as it applies to life these days. It doesn't matter who told us what (The oncologist said "Noboby can give numbers, everyone is different") but then she proceeded to tell my mother that there was a 50/50 chance that chemotherapy would help prolong her life and/or relieve any pain
Six to twelve months with no chemo, then (I know I said this before but, twelve, to eighteen to twenty-four months with chemotherapy). I know Jesus and he has been revealing some things to me as clearly as if they were spoken aloud!! All we had was the small cell diagnosis, no test results of metastis. I awoke, went searching on cancer websites (I've only been internet literate since January/February of this year) I found everything I was supposed to find, in the physician's version or I call it the raw facts which said six to fourteen weeks after the initial diagnosis if the small cell is extensive. The minute I saw those numbers the Lord spoke to me "That is for your baby sister". Of course she didn't say anything the next morning in the hallway when I told her and my brother "Moma ain't long for this world, and Sister the Lord needs you to know six to fourteen weeks. I hope I'm wrong but I'm discerning too many things that are frightening me and things I don't want to know, for it not to be the Lord". His presence was so real and I felt so strong even with this knowledge. That was when it was being revealed, I'm whimping out from time to time now, but only to my husband, brother and the Lord. I told my Dad today that I would call Hospice, but that Medicare wouldn't pay for Hospice until her doctor wrote a statement saying she has six months or less to live. I said, "Dad you and I know that six months is about right if that" he kind of interrupted me and said, "I just want to know what they have to offer about the pain medicine". Of course that $475.00 prescription is an issue, but he said he was afraid she would get into some pain that he wouldn't be able to get relieved. The first thing he said when I walked through the door today was, "She has NEW PAIN in her breast and chest area". Bless his heart, SHE IS THE CAREGIVER IN THAT HOUSE, he has never even offered to rub her back in years past if she complained of some little strain (AND SHE WOULD NEVER ASK HIM). He loves her with his whole heart and she loves him with hers. They just have this "Old timey" relationship to a fault. She doesn't want to "worry" him and he doesn't want to "worry" her. It's kind of silly and Oh, so sweet, my Moma and Daddy have been loving each other for nearly FIFTY YEARS. Now the tears are flowing, but I know it's good to let them flow, I have a need to let them flow. Okay, now that I've gone on and on I want your opinion. My Mother knows she won't be here in six months, should we go on and try to get hospice involved since her pain is so severe and seems to be springing up on a daily basis in new places? I just don't want her to hear SIX MONTHS or READ SIX MONTHS TO LIVE. Is is wrong or do you think that would kind of be a relief, this is tough stuff. I know all the experts say tell them the truth, but the oncologist didn't.
Thanks for your reply.
Dear Sweet Dee,
I am so sorry things appear to be happening so quickly...first I must tell you I am not a professional...that I share from my own personal experiences and from the heart, all that I can to assist others.
You must check with the oncologist and confirm that medicare will kick in once she is off the treatment...and you must check with the doctor and medicare to make sure the medicine is covered. I assume it is...but I don't know all since we may be in different states, under different systems, but there is a strong possibility that all of it will be covered...If your mother goes into the Hospice program ....they will treat her at home as long as there is no invasive treatment. If she needs to go into a hospice unit, she will have to sign a dnr agreement. A DNR agreement is "DO NOT RESUSCITATE"
If she comes out of the unit and returns home, she has the opportunity to rescind the dnr agreement...but Hospice will not treat invasive programs that are administered to the patient. Their whole philosophy is to provide optimum quality and palliative care to the patient in their final end of life care.
You are to be commended having mastered the computer in such a short time as you have. It has become a life source for many a caregiver...there are many resources and links to hospice in death and dying, and bereavement at the site. They will take you to so many informative areas where you will gain more knowledge and support as you go along.
It is good you are able to cry and let go of the fears and stress that are builidng within you. I got chills when I read your getting messages from Jesus...we unfortunately have no control over our loved one's time of passage...we can only provide all our love and the quality of life care they need.
For me to tell you to tell your mother is not for me to say. I know that hospice will assist you in telling her. There may be things, emotional, mental and personal affairs that she will have to complete once she knows the truth. The decision is with you, your dad brother and sister...
Coming from truth may assist you in expressing more as well as the rest of the family.
Your parent's way of life in such a long, loving relationship is somewhat typical for many of their generations. Perhaps you can ask your father to hold her hand and just be at peace not having to say a word. By expressing the truth to him, you can help him to communicate and express as well. It sometimes makes it safer. It is difficult for him to watch her deteriorate and to be in pain for him...he needs a lot of love and strength also at this time... I do know that Hospice can assist in providing a conducive environment once she is registered with them.
Once your mother's pain is so unbearable, the Hospice staff will be able to administer morphine or very strong meds to help your mom remain in comfort whether she is at home or in their unit.

Trust and know that you are being guided...bring your love and life... complete as much as you can and acknowledge her spirit within...don't focus on the physical in terms of the body's letting go process...her heart and soul still need the love and nurturing...My sense is that if she is as sensitive as you are, she might want to know the truth...but I truly have no advice...I am just having you look at it from different perspectives. Again, if you would like to put your mom's name into the healing circle, please let me know...
Blessings to you all...please, please keep us posted.

Dear Dee,

I think Gail has about covered everything but I do want you to know that I will keep you and your parents in prayer.

Cancer has struck in my family, years ago,and has taken friends in the last 5 years so I know what you are facing. This is a very hard battle for both you and your parents.

You know the Lord and you will be calling on him more and more. Remember, thru all of this, that the Lord loves you.

Good luck,
Dearest Dee,

You don't know how your mail has touched me...For so many this is common knowledge and yet to those who are faced with researching and learning, it is such an important factor. I am glad that the work we do can help so it has you. Your prayer brought me to tears. Bless your dear heart. I will post this at the boards for others to view as well..
You are all in my thoughts and prayers.


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Sister Gail, My spirit bears witness with yours. You may not be a "professional" in the medical field, but your CALLING is of a GREATER MAGNITUDE. The Spirit tells me you listen very closely and obey! Heavenly Father I pray to you this day and THANK YOU JESUS!!! My help cometh from Thee! It never comes one minute ahead or one minute late, just right on time, Thank you Lord for Gail, strengthen her Lord to go about the work you have set for for her. Make her path an easy path. Lord I pray always keep Your Hand on her, this prayer I pray in the name of Jesus. Amen

Gail, you were right. I called Hospice and they told me that all chemotherapy's are considered "treatment" not palliative therapy. Until my Moma says she doesn't want any more chemotherapy and the doctor is told, the doctor will then contact Hospice, etc. and so one. YOUR INFORMATION WAS AN ANSWER. I felt calling Hospice in was not good for right now but didn't want to tell my Daddy what to do. This has him stopped in his tracts for right now. The Hospice issue has been heavy on my heart since last Thursday. Now my burden is lifted. Thank you so much.
Sister Dee-
Just wanted to let you know you are in my prayers. My Mom has Hospice but is supposed to have more than 6 mos. In our state as long as it's a disease that could possibly cause death within a certain period of time then Hospice gets involved. Mom has Congestive Heart Failure and A-Fib along with lung problems, strokes, and TIA's. They told us that she could be on Hospice for over 2 years if she makes it that long but at almost 84 she has given up and doesn't want to live anymore. Won't go into my problems as you don't need that but just know Hospice is great and at times even if the patient may live more than 6 mos. you still can receive Hospice and they do supply medicine for anything connected to the disease. Take care and know my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. God Bless you for being such a caring daughter.
In Peace, love and light
Moma saw the oncologist yesterday. I could not believe my ears when Moma told me that she was going back to the 20mg pain medicine instead of the 80mgs, she told the doctor the 80mg cost $475.00 and she was going to try to 20mg/5mg dosage again. Low and behold I was over their a few minutes ago and she was reclined in the chair and you could tell she was in pain. I asked her what she had taken and she said the 20 mg. I told her not to fool around with her pain and let it get ahead of her medicine and she kinda put me off by saying she was feeling much better 15 minutes later. Last night when I went to help her bath, she had some ulcerated looking rash under her breasts on the underside of her breasts, on her lower abdomen and several little spots of it on numerous places. She hadn't noticed it, I told her to show the radiation therapist(I guess that is what they're called)the rash and have them address the problem. Money is just not that much of an issue on the short term. I'm sort of upset, WELL I AM UPSET, that Daddy would allow her to change medicine from one that is clearly helping on the basis of money. I did call hospice and they said as long as Moma was receiving chemotherapy that Medicare wouldn't pay for hospice care. PLEASE PRAY TODAY that this gets turned around in the right direction before I go back over there tonight. Thank you all for responding to me, the only person I can talk to at this moment is a 3 year old boy who is presently calling Granny!
God Bless You!
Somebody must have "gathered together" in prayer because the situation got turned around before I went back to Moma's last night. The pain medicine has her comfortable. I told her I was so glad, she said "You need to turn your worry over me to the Lord, I have". You see, my Mother has not considered herself "saved" since she was in her thirties. There was a split at the church I was brought up in, etc. you've all heard the same story from someone you know. Also, she let my Granny's shortcomings in her walk with the Lord make her very bitter. Noboby could even talk with her about her relationship with the Lord until three years ago. I related answers to prayers to her and sent her Guideposts. She loves to read so she just devoured the stories in that publication. So the Lord started drawing her back in three years ago. THIS WAS THE FIRST TIME SHE HAS EVER TOLD ME THAT SHE LEFT SOMETHING WITH THE LORD!! So my sweet Moma, you left yourself at the foot of the cross for the Lord to take care of you. There are no words to describe how I felt hearing that, even though I already knew things would be right when she crossed worlds. We began talking about some end of life issues, too. She was relieved it seemed to be able to talk freely. I told her I was going to get some information together from Hospice (I saw a checklist for families to use as they sit down to talk about concerns, etc.) so that we can cover some ground in the next few weeks. I read stories on this site last
night that were comforting to me. I still kind of fumble around with all these icons and such. I keep running up to the BACK button when I know there must be a better way to navigate. Gail, I know you must be laughing. I've visited some sites I Loved but now I don't know where they are. My husband taught me the "favorites" thing. Boy that is a list now! Lord Jesus as I come before you this morning in prayer, Father give Gail, Lou and Karen and the ones they love and care for a restful night. I thank you for all of them. Amen

It is so wonderful to hear that you are able to share and communicate with your mom as you have begun to and that she has been so have been guided and I have faith in you that you will make the right choices along with the right ones your mom will make for herself as you move along...cherish each is a blessing for you both.

Am also so pleased to hear the meds are working and that she isn't in as much pain...could it be that the radiation was causing more harm then good?

What a wonderful note to end the night on...richest blessings to you all.

Gail you have the sweetest spirit! It makes me feel better just to know there is a new post from you to be read.

The radiation is the only thing that has given any significant relief. She takes three more treatments and she will be finished. IT'S THE CHEMOTHERAPY I THINK MAY BE MAKING HER WORSE! She was more like herself Tuesday evening then she has been in six to eight weeks, same for last night. It makes me wonder if she is just now getting over the first chemo session, and she is scheduled for her next session beginning Tuesday. We touched on that when I talked with her Tuesday night. I'm going to schedule are "family meeting" after this weekend. I've printed the family checklist from the Hospice Patients Advocacy site. Gail it's all falling into place in EVERY situation concerning her. I read some of the journal section Tuesday night-it meant alot. Wednesday morning I read the humor section. Moma and me love jokes!! I printed a section for her and left them with her yesterday. As we were "riding into the sunset" we were recalling those jokes and laughing and laughing. GAIL HOW CAN I SAY THANK YOU FOR YOUR PART IN SUPPLYING THAT? You're right, I can't tell you what it means. For the rest of my life I'll remember last night and Moma and me laughing. I've told her about your site and looking up all I can so I can caregive better. She said,"That's good, but you do alright". Moma when do you think I became a caregiver? She said "You were born that way". "Maybe so Moma, but I tried to remember when I actually started 'taking care' of people.I remember fixing breakfast and getting Lloyd and Marian up for school when I was in 3rd grade because you worked. When I thought about Marian (she's my baby sister, 3 years younger than me, I used to comb her hair and get her ready and even walk her to her class until her teacher told me it wasn't necessary) I remember when I started taking care of people. Remember when you were in the hosptial having Marian?". "Oh YES! I do remember" she replied. Gail, my Daddy and were sleeping the day after my sister was born. I guess I decided that the boys needed breakfast and went into the kitchen to make pancakes. My mother came home with a new baby, walked into the kitchen and pancake mix, batter and all the makings were everywhere, even trailed into the livingroom. Poor Moma, Daddy hadn't bothered to clean it up!! (Told you he wasn't a caregiver). She said, "Yeap baby, that was when I realized it". Lord Jesus bless the day you have given us and we will give you all the praise. AMEN!!

First off, I am sorry that I was confused in the chat when I first came in...we have two Dee' first I thought you were the other one (I am smiling as I write this)... when I realized it was you, I was thrilled that you had made it...Please come to the chat more often...I am there on Tuesdays and Thursdays...I will help keep the group under control so that it isn't as confusing as it was...Your prayer and blessings were wonderful for us all....

Thank you so much for sharing about the special moments you had with your mom, laughing...I had goosebumps and my heart was so open as I read of the joy your shared with each other...I am sure there will be many more special times as this...they support us and give us strength to face the challenges that lie ahead. They are a truly special gift...

I am glad you got the info from are doing wonderful work which will prepare will know all that needs to be done and this will take a tremendous amount of pressure off from you.
It is also a great idea to have the family meeting..I hope that it goes well...

Your story of caregiving since you were young is something many of us can relate is indeed a gift that many of us do possess as caregivers and it is so very very special...You mom is very fortunate to have you and vice versa...she truly appreciates the special light you are...this is love...

Richest blessings to you...Warmest wishes for a Happy Easter to you, your mom and family.

Hi Lou and Joan

There has only been one Dee responding on these boards. The forums do not allow duplicate names. The Dee I was referring to was DEEFEE from AOL who frequents our chats at AOL.

Hope this clarifies who "DEE" is...she is a very special soul...who has graced us as well.

Dear Gail,
This has been a hard week, I've been depressed feeling most of this week. I've read some of the posts, but haven't been reading or much of anything else this week. I spent all day Monday with Moma. The gastroenterologist I worked for 10 years ago did an upper endoscopy and dilated her esophagus (she has had an esophageal stricture for 20+ years) as she had gotten to where she couldn't swallow liquid without it "dragging" on the way down and stopping. The rest of the week I've watched my grandson from 7am until 6pm, then gone to Moma's. I'm just tired and depressed this week. It seems she isn't getting many visitors and she seems somewhat low. Physically, she has been more like herself for about a week now. I think she is over the first session of chemotherpay, unfortunately she is due to start the next session on Monday. She is finished her radiaiton treatment but is going to have another MRI on her right leg to see if there is anything there that would benefit from radiation. I'm tired, I'm depressed and most of this week I've wondered alot about what the next few weeks and months will hold. I want to be with Moma more but this won't happen until my grandson goes to pre-school June 5th. I know I'm not the first caregiver to feel this way. I haven't even felt like talking to anybody. I NEED YOUR PRAYERS IN A MAJOR WAY!!!
PS How long is a too long post? Seems all of my posts could be a chapter of a book. Dee
I am sending lots of warm, loving prayers to you...I am so glad you responded...There will be many days that you are up and you are down...just as your mom may experience the same.

I am pleased the endoscopy worked...hubby and some others I know have had it and it helps so much in stretching the esophagus so that swallowing is easier..

June is around the corner although it probably seems like an eternity to you. Is there anyway to bring your grandson over to your mom's so you can spend more time with her...or usher some sitters in to care for him so you can be with her?

None of your posts are ever too long...if you are referring to the possibility that you may lose them when submitting always copy and paste it into something else so you will have it...just for is a bit of an annoyance to have to do it, but it is a blessing should you lose it and you have it to just paste back in and send it.

I hate to sound repetitive when I tell you what you are experiencing is normal. If you find yourself dwelling on the coming weeks and months, remember two things...the past is history, the future is mystery and the present is a gift...we can not truly know what the future will allow yourself to be fully present in the moment, being in gratitude for what is with you in the moment.

Another avenue you have is to write...a journal...write down everything you are feeling, your fears, your worries, your doubts.You can do this while you are caring for your will help you lesson the burden and heaviness you are is a wonderful tool and process to leave these feelings in writing so that you can move on into your day. You always have choices as to how you will experience your day. Choose to live it thru love, acceptance and gratitutde...this will help to lift you from your depression a bit...and it will give you more of the strength you need to move through your daily life.

I am still curious with all the radiation and chemo that your mom is getting...whether or not it is sacrificing the quality of her life...perhaps you can speak more to Hospice and your mom's doctor...

Many many blessings to you dear angel...we are here sending you love, support and prayers.

I needed to be told that the past is history, the future is mystery, and the present is a gift....I REALLY NEEDED TO HEAR IT TODAY!! Repeat, repeat and repeat again to me if you think it is necessary. I took my grandson by for a short visit today, we just got back home at 2:20 when I read your post. Thanks for checking on me after not hearing from me for awhile. I'm better this afternoon...I swear the emotional rollercoaster ride is the worst part of this experience, so close to the Lord and walking in light while in the valley of the shadow of death-most of the time-and the when the physical/human side of you takes over, usually because of some other issue or worry, you can dive to a depth of grief there are no words to describe.
Hello Dee

Sorry we can' really speak... we keep missing each other... I am so happy to hear you are feeling better.

Unfortunately caregiving is a huge roller coaster ride rising so high to the depths of the sky and dropping so low... just know that you are not alone... God is watching over you and your family. there are many lessons being learned, preparing to let go, identifying with our own mortality, learning more and accepting more about death and dying and on it goes.

Dee, might I suggest writing right so beautifully and is a gift that you have... who is not only a healing for you but perhaps an opportunity to use the writings at a later time to help others.

Try to boost yourself enough to come into the chats...Tuesday is a great is slow and we can talk more one on one...

You are in my thoughts and prayers... so glad to hear from you.

Hi Dee

I have been following your post and greatly admire you and honor you.

You said, "I needed to be told that the past is history, the future is mystery, and the present is a gift....I REALLY NEEDED TO HEAR IT TODAY!" hahahahaha I really needed to hear it also. You made my day. Now I am getting ready to go off to work and I will remember this and smile. Will also be thinking and sending good thoughts and energy your way.

Joan C
Hello Sisters,
I've discovered something about this situation I find myself in. Staying away from the issue makes it worse. I thought if I'd give myself a break from surfing the web for every piece of information I could read that maybe I'd feel better or something. Well that isn't the case. I find I especially need this website in a major way. I wanted to say thank you again.
P.S. I can change my UserName to Granny Dee if you like (and if you'll tell me how)
Hi Dee,

You are such a special light...I would imagine that you need to keep finding out as much as you can to help your mom and yourself during these transformational times..Part of it, is because in this way you are doing everything possible to maintain the quality of mom's life and the experience for both of you and this is such a blessing.

The commaraderie of everyone is very special as well...the support of others understanding what you are going through is so important...and it is also a good sounding board to let go and get it all out.

How is your mom's are the treatments going at this point??? Please give her our love and blessings..

Hey Sister,
Moma went to have her second session of chemotherapy yesterday(consists of three treatments, three days in a row). Her white count is still too low so it was postponed until next week. This is the second postponement. Her right leg is weaker and weaker. Thursday, Friday and Saturday she said she was just too tired to get in the shower so she took a "bird bath". I went over earlier on Sunday and got her in the shower. Her last radiation treatment to the spine was on Wednesday. It is my understanding that they radiated the thoracic areas of involvement in order to help the pain there. I bet they didn't radiate the lumbar (L-1) that showed involvement because there was no "pain" there. I guess the just ignored her constant complaint with her right leg. I wish I could be at these appointments with her. I don't want her to have to make unnecessary trips, etc. Their next move is to get a CT of her right leg. I wonder if it has occured to them at the L-1 involvement and the probability that it is causing her the weakness. Sometimes you just want to shake folks for the way they treat people after they are retired.
That's the latest. Love you all-DEE
Hi Dee...
Sorry your mom is going through all it truly what she this comprimising the quality of her life? Do the pain medications not work at all? What does Hospice say about all of this and her doctor? Try to find out more if you can. I know it is difficult with you having to care for your grandson, etc., but see if you can find out if this is really benefitting your mom... these treatments don't sound as if they are helping.

Hope to see you in the chat at the site tonight, 10PM if you are up for it.
Hey Sisters,
I've an unhurried moment so I thought I'd update you. Friday, May 5, 2000, I took over the "coordinating" of Moma's case from Daddy. He couldn't tell me what she was going to have radiated that day, so I made arrangements for the grandson (called my sister and she worked from home)and I went with her to the appointment. They in fact only marked her right pelvic area and told her to come back on Monday-May 8th to get the first of ten radiation treatments to the "spots" on the pelvic bones-in hopes of reducing the weakness and pain. She also saw the oncologist and was to have her second session of chemotherapy if the blood counts were up. The blood counts were up, but when she found out we had been back to the radiation oncologist and had recieved her first treatment, she said "We don't give chemo and radiation together". Moma seems upset but the oncologist went on to tell her, "Mrs. Broome to give you the chemo along with the radiation would take everything out of your". When she left the room I told Moma that I felt fine with that. Moma is supposed to go to a bowling tournament the last weekend of May to watch her team bowl. I said, "Moma, if they had done more chemo this week, there is no way you could go to the tournament." She immediately agreed with me. I REALLY THINK THE CHEMOTHERAPY WOULD HAVE KILLED HER. One more thing "FELL INTO PLACE".
Today she had her third radiation treatment to her hip. She told them today that the pain in her leg is worse. We also questioned why she got almost immediate relief to her back after only one treatment. The radiologist said she was just lucky to have gotten relief that quickly before and that he hoped he could get her some relief soon with the additional radiation. He asked three times if she was being careful while walking, so I talked over with her about being careful while we're not there. Dad leaves for brief periods to go get lunch, etc. But we check in on her. She is taking 80 mg of the Oxycontin every morning and before bed. In between she is taking either 20 mg or 40 mgs, mostly 40 mgs.
I felt a little afraid today that maybe they might not be able to help her pain this time. She seems mentally herself. She is distant at times. It has been almost eight weeks since she got the diagnosis.
I'm going to try to chat tomorrow, we'll see how successful I am!!!
Love to you all-Dee
Hello Dee..
So much seems to be happening so fast...I was delighted to hear about your mom's bowling tournement and her willingness to go..actually sounds like a reprieve from all that she is going through...and to be with friends and being involved with something she loves is terrific..

also happy to know that you are able to get more involved and that you are feeling better about it as well.

I hope to see you in the chat tonight as well.


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