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I am feeling such sadness and mixed feelings.. A dear friend, Gloria of 35 years... age 62 is transitioning this past week.

I was so torn because Alison from the site left a week ago and another friend is here with me visiting from NY and Thurs I leave for NY with her. I will be having an Opening for my ceramics and will be tied up there for almost two weeks.

My sense is that she is failing extremely fast. She's been on chemo for almost 4 years and last Friday they took her off with no hope and jaundice because the liver had been attacked and was toxic.

Last night, her son set up Skype for me to see and talk with her. She was on morphine and light was too much for her.. she opened her eyes briefly to see me . Her son held the laptop and I shared about our good times, told I forgave her for anything hadn't in the past and asked that she do the same if there were any unresolved issues she might have held onto.

I supported her to go to the light.. to see others who have passed over and to know that the transition was like taking off a tight shoe, that she would be relieved and out of her pain...

Her son was crying when he came back on the phone. Thank God for the Internet.. it truly has made the world a smaller place. I am feeling more comforted having spoken with her... I continue to pray for gentle transition.

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(((( Gail! ))))

I'm sorry to hear about your friend. It's good you got a chance to "be there" for her, even though it was done through the magic of technology.

The NY trip sounds wonderful! I hope it goes well, and that you return to your new home invigorated and ready for the next challenge. Travel safe.

You're in my thoughts and prayers this week.

Love n hugs,
Thank you Barb.... She past two nights ago.. I kept thinking about here before I went to bed.....and couldn't sleep... it was when she transitioned... I feel complete and relieved that she is free!!

I am comforted in knowing I was able to connect with her through skype and in my feelings....

Getting ready and excited about the trip....

Hoping things are going well on your end... keep us posted.

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