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I've always believed in God or at least hoped there was a God - I always believed in heaven - or at least hoped there was one.....kinda just thought about it in passing - angels - harps - wearing white etc - (I guess like in the movies) -

I have never been overly religious - just believed - but never studied too much - never gave it that much thought - just believed - you don't have to go to Church to be a good Christian - you don't need to pray every day or worship all the time - its how you live your life - and what you do for others - blah blah blah -

But with the death of my Father - that has all changed - the gift I was given with his passing makes me KNOW there is something more out there - but what .....I also wonder why I received such a special gift with death - that some other people don't - maybe its my Father or God knowing this is the only way I would survive by having that experience - and obviously there was a reason for it - but what was the reason - I think most people share the same "concept" - but everyone else views the details differently. I never really thought about the details or what I actually believed - just believed in the "concept" - I still don't know what I believe as far as the details go - but I am now on a journey of exploring and learning - by reading books and talking to others about their beliefs of death and the after life -

So if anyone would like to share their thoughts or experiences on it - I would love to learn from others - and hear your storis and beliefs -



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Hi Janet:

I had an experience when my girlfriend's parents, Harold and Corinne, died in an automobile accident over Thanksgiving vacation years ago. Her parents were just like parents to me growing up. They took me on the most wonderful camping trips.

Anyhow, when I got back from my out-of-state Thanksgiving vacation, I found out that the services were that very day. I told my boss that I had to go to the services and so I did. It was so sudden!

At the memorial, it all seemed so surreal. I did the condolences, etc and remember standing off to the side by myself and looking around the room. There was a table with several people sitting around it and an empty chair across from them. In that chair, I saw Harold, my girlfriend's father, big as life laughing and talking to them using hand gestures to make a point. His spirit showed up at his own memorial service to deliver a message to the ones he loved...

That is the only experience that I have ever had like that. I will never forget it. I have found comfort in that memory of them. I have heard that when people die suddenly, their spirits linger.

Whether or not that is what happens is hard to say since I have only had that one experience. I do know that our loved ones come back to us in dreams sometimes. The times that I have had such dreams, I have certainly experienced feelings of peacefulness afterwards.

Take care, Glenda

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