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My wife now likes it quiet
as far as my speaking is concerned.
Words meant to assure can seem a riot
is one of the things I have learned.

Many times she will lower her head
and put her hands over her ears.
Even with treatment cancer can spread
and that is what consumes us with fears.

With my spouse I want to snuggle
but I can't even hold her hand.
She's in a life and death struggle
our house of hope built on sand.

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Great question, Jane. I just don't know. If miracles were granted on a lottery system then would prayers be the tickets to play the game? Don't mean to bring it down to such a prosaic and base level, but I sure feel the odds are increased for a miracle the more that pray for my wife and for that I am deeply deeply grateful.

Mick, I feel for you also!

Do you have hospice and friends and family who come in and are there for you?

Mick, I know one can not compare at all a pet with a human person, but I had to release a beloved pet of mine after having her for 14 years. That was hard for me because she was all I had on a day to day basis. I remember the last time I took her to the vet, he told me "Anna, if you take her home, you are doing it for yourself, not for Katie." I knew he was right. As I said in a recent post to you, I took away Katie's pain and it became mine, and I know now, I would do it again in a heartbeat.

Sometimes, Mick, we have to let go and let God take over. I know it is hard.

I don't know why your wife is covering her ears. Could it be that for sometime she has been holding on for you?

Just know that we here are holding you both in our thought.

Tough words to live by Anna, but well pointed out that love and selfishness can sometimes get tangled, but as long as there is a prayer left in me I will have hope.


p.s. Sorry about your pet. I also know how heartbreaking it is to lose a pet, even a pet rat which I loved ever so dearly!
Please know that we are praying for your beloved are also in our thoughts and prayers.
Anna, you wrote the words, but I have been thinking them. I too had a pet that I had to put down because of lymphoma. She was a beautiful, sweet Golden Retriever, my Shannon...we fought lymphoma for 15 months with chemo (dogs don't react the same as people from chemo - she lived a very happy and pain free life while going through chemo) which kept her in remission. But eventually, the chemo stopped working and I had made a promise to her and myself that she would not suffer (something we CAN do for animals)and we put her down before her pain and suffering began. My love for her was so deep and I knew it was the right thing to do, although I didn't want to let her go...she was only 9. That was two year's ago and I still get teary eyed when I think of her

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