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Dad passed May 2, while I was in the UK. His funeral is tomorrow. We are driving from NJ to VA today. He will have full honors military funeral. I am feeling all sorts of emotions. Anxious, grief, sad, so many others. I will see my siblings whom I have not seen or spoken to in over 3 yrs, since they *stole* my father's POA. I have found this grieving process, although I believe I have been grieving for a long time, very difficult. Its been a long wait to finally put him to rest. He will now sleep with the angels.

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Thank you Glenda. Hope this finds you doing well with your loss as well.
The service was absolutely wonderful. I was always proud to be my father's daughter, however, having the horse drawn carriage, buglers, soldiers, and my family walk behind him while he rests on top of a hill in Arlington National overseeing the Pentagon, and beside all his military brothers,made me even more proud. It was a very honorable day for me and my children to witness.
Of course my siblings continued their hurtfulness, they didn't have a seat for me beside my mother. Only had 5 seats, there are 5 children, so I had my youngest sister, I am number 4 sit on my lap. They weren't liking that.......Oh well.
Dad is now at rest and now I have some closure, I hope.

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Dear Robin:

Thank you for thinking of me. I am hard at work these days and dealing the best I can... I think of Dad every day and wish I could have him back... I did graduate from school and am now taking more classes to get my masters degree. School is the only thing saving my sanity really...

The funeral sounds absolutely awesome! That, I am sure, helped a lot. Good for you standing up and taking your place in the family!

Hugs and Kisses to You, Glenda
Hello Robin,

Wow, it has been so long since your dad's transition... I am not surprised by your family's behavior towards you.. it's an awful position to be in. I am, however, happy to hear that the service was so special for you and your immediate family... and that he has finally been put to rest... it's been a long haul... he held on for so long...but in many ways it gave you a lot of time to heal on different levels.. and now you can journey into one of closure and completeness... my thoughts and prayers are with you and the family.

Richest blessings

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